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Posted 19 September 2022

XIAOMI Mi 360° Full HD 1080p WiFi Security Camera 2 year guarantee £22.99 Free Click & Collect @ Currys

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Smart night & day vision

The Xiaomi Mi 360° Full HD 1080p WiFi Security Camera has got you covered day and night. It continues recording in colour in low light before switching to night vision, so you won't miss any details.

Thanks to its Full HD recording, you'll always get a clear picture with lot of detail. You can watch everything from the Mi Home app in your phone and keep an eye on your home 24/7.

Zero blind spots

With 360-degree motion tracking, a single camera can cover the whole room. You can adjust the pan or tilt to see everything that's happening.

The Mi 360° uses AI human detection, so you won't get any false alerts. It'll even take a photo, begin to record the suspicious events and track whatever's moving around in your home.

Two-way audio

The built-in microphone and speaker even allow you to talk to whoever is in the house. Now you can greet your kids when they get home or tell your dog to stay off the sofa.


For privacy, you can set up sleep times and keep the camera off. Also, your data will always be safe thanks to fully encrypted data transmission.

The camera can hold a microSD card for storing recordings, or you can sign up for the free 7-day rolling cloud storage. Technical specifications for XIAOMI Mi 360° Full HD 1080p WiFi Security Camera

Works with
Mi Smart Clock
- Android 4.4 or later
- Apple iOS 9 or later
Home security camera
Compatible app
Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app
Box contents
- Xiaomi Mi 360° Full HD 1080p WiFi Security Camera
- Wall mount kit
254 g
108 x 75 x 75 mm (H x W x D)
Manufacturer's guarantee
2 years
- 1920 x 1080p digital video resolution
- f/1.4 lens aperture
- 360° pan-tilt-zoom panoramic view
- Lens angle: 110°
- AI human detection
- Night vision
- Full colour in low-light
- Two-way voice calls
- microSD card (up to 32 GB)
- Network storage
- Free 7-day rolling Cloud storage of motion-triggered clips
- Fully encrypted data transmission
- AES-128 encryption via the cloud
- Customisable sleep times
Supports standard and inverted mounting
Currys More details at Currys

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  1. Avatar
    Is the pan tilt motion automatically done via app or manually by hand you have to set it?
    You can do it by app
  2. Avatar
    Do you know if you can you view recordings on the SD card via your phone remotely?
    Yes you can.
  3. Avatar
    Please make sure these are not Alexa compatible.
    Im thinking maybe because of the hacks in the past with Alexa devices 🤷‍♂️
  4. Avatar
    I live in a room, can I use this to see if anyone has entered my room during the day?
  5. Avatar
    I bought similar YI cams few years ago. Surely these would have gotten cheaper and specs improved but doesnt seem so. Any other recommendations within the price range
    Yes, I wonder if there could have been any major world events over the past few years that might have affected the supply and the price?
  6. Avatar
    Biggest issue with cheap cameras is alerts, notifications and cloud recording. Usually need to pay per camera. Nest covers as many cameras as you want.
    there's no cost to using Xiaomi home
  7. Avatar
    Something really ironic about installing a Chinese security camera.
  8. Avatar
    Free delivery next working day
  9. Avatar
    It's a shame it doesn't work with the same app as my other cheap and cheerful Yi Home cameras...
    It is not a yi / kami cam, if is xiomi which is different than yi!
  10. Avatar
    Good price for a decent camera from well known brand ♨️
  11. Avatar
  12. Avatar
    Anyone know if this is USB C or micro USB?
    Micro. Bog standard kit across all similar cameras
  13. Avatar
    How is it powered?
    Micro USB cable
  14. Avatar
    Anyone know if this can be used with Blue Iris?
    Don't know about these ones but I got two wansview 1080p from amazon last week and am now using within Blue Iris. They are ONVIF and RTSP compatible. Paid £25 ea. (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Is this an external camera?
    Nope, interior only I'm afraid.
  16. Avatar
    Checked specs, just says connects via via WiFi, no mention if this is WiFi 5 or 6 and if it’s using wpa2 or wpa3

    Would not recommend getting one if it uses wpa2 as it trivial for any unskilled person to access your network.
  17. Avatar
    Are set up instructions in English? I bought 2 x Mi Cams from Gearbest years ago, the cameras only communicate in Mandarin and it was a ballache setting up. More recently i changed my router and i didn't bother trying to set it up again
  18. Avatar
    Purchased. Said on a YouTube video it’s a good baby camera. Hoping it works well.
  19. Avatar
    Only 32GB of micro SD supported, COLD from me
    I would guess it will recognize a bigger card, a lot of these things have firmware updates over time allowing them to write to bigger cards.
  20. Avatar
    I've been very unhappy with yi cameras. Mainly because of their greedy ethics, nagging you to subscribe and removing features etc. Anyone had experience of both and are these better?
  21. Avatar
    Chinese company. Pass.
    Yep, just look up dahua injunctions MPs requested. Xiaomi is a loved HUKD brand for years.. so no doubt people won't care
  22. Avatar
    Any custom firmware available for these?
  23. Avatar
    Would this work as a baby monitor, anyone used one for that?
    I use the ring stick up camera (battery version). Perfect. Battery lasts ages. Very portable.
  24. Avatar
    HereI bought this HAOTING WiFi IP Camera 1080P FHD Surveillance Camera Wireless for £10 still unopened! I’m wondering whether to upgrade to this model? What do people think? Thanks in advance.
    Judging from the negative comments I would say yes.
  25. Avatar
    Pardon my french - -but why (the hell) clicking on the "Get deal" button doesn't open the link ?
  26. Avatar
    Heat added, these are great cameras 🏼
  27. Avatar
    Anyone any idea how you get one of these cameras into your XIAOMI account devices, so you can link it to Google Home? You can add the device into the Mi Home app. But that doesn't seem to link it to the XIAOMI Account and the Managed Devices there, so when you try and add the device with "works with Google" you go through and sign into Mi home and it says there aren't any devices in your account. I'll never buy another one of their cameras again until I can link it to Google Home.
  28. Avatar
    1. Can this be attached to the ceiling and not be upside down video?

    2. Does this have motion tracking?
  29. Avatar
    Does it work with home assistant?
  30. Avatar
    Does this camera support RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) to allow you to pull a live video stream from the camera and view it on different devices or programs such as VLC?
  31. Avatar
    Can anyone recommend a memory card to use with this?
  32. Avatar
    I just bought one this morning but the strangest thing was it said free delivery over £40 so with delivery it was going to cost 26.99 delivery was 3-5 days but if i chose 2-3 days delivery it was free nice one
  33. Avatar
    Can you watch the recording at increased speed like X2 X4 etc ?