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Posted 7 October 2022

Xiaomi Mi A1 32GB Mobile Phone Refurb, £34.98 (Fair) £39.98 (Good) £49.98 (VGC) / Moto G8 Power Lite £69, Realme 6 £49 @ Smartfonestore

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Three bargains, only one in stock of the moto and realme, so be quick with them, the realme is in fair condition, moto in very good, use the code SFS10POUNDOFF for £10 off the moto, you can add a cheap accessory to the mi a1 and realme 6 to then use the code

£50 min spend for the code FYI



Warranty & Returns:

Used devices ship with a 30 days no quibble returns policy and a 12 month warranty should the product develop a fault. Please be aware that our products aren't guaranteed to have remaining manufacturer warranty although it's likely that the latest models will. We can't check specific models on request.
New devices come with the full manufacturer warranty.


Orders placed before 2pm on a working day are shipped by Royal Mail Special Delivery the same day for guaranteed delivery the following working day before 1pm. Delivery times vary for large orders and busy periods.


Our used products ship in our own branded boxes made from 100% recycled card and we think they're great! Used devices will be protected in a bubble bag and is sent in a silver Royal Mail Special Delivery pouch. New devices ship in the original sealed packaging.

Very Good

A fully functioning device with very light, hardly visible signs of use. Possible very light signs of wear on screen, invisible when in operation.


A fully functioning device with light but visible marks on the screen and body.


A fully functioning device with obvious signs of use including potentially deep scratches on the screen and possible dents and chips on the body.

Smartfonestore More details at Smartfonestore
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    This phone came with Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) and is upgradable to Android 9.0 (Pie), Android One

    Last security patch was August 2020 from what I've read online. I don't own the phone so I'm not certain.

    Therefore to keep the item secure you could look at a Custom ROM >

    Support pages here for Custom ROMS >


    Of course it's so cheap you probably just want it as a backup phone and won't care about security of the system and apps. (edited)
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    Xiaomi Mi A1 has 4k @30fps and has been a cracking budget handset for me for the last 5 years..

    Only just upgraded to a Poco X4 pro a couple of months back, which is great but still using the Mi A1 almost everyday for surfing and Spotify use
    Yeah, completely agree...
    Bought for a friend in 2018 & it served him brilliantly until he finally upgraded to a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro recently, when it was on offer for £119.
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    Why do all the good deals come out when I don't have money 🤦‍♀️
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    It says the discount code is not valid, is any minimum amount to spend for code?
    £50 bud
  5. Avatar
    The best selling stock Android device ever was made by?
    It was made by Xiaomi, fancy that🤭 🤭 (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Bought for my son who only plays low powered games and wont ever use camera so its perfect. Thanks OP.
  7. Avatar
    Bought 2 devices
  8. Avatar
    Who know the residuals on my Mi A1 would be so good!
    The worst phone I ever had I'm a stock droid fan. Bought I think Dec 18 sold June 20 to CEX for about £50, Iirc Xiaomi were well late on 1st upgrade, screwed up 2nd upgrade and I didn't stick around for the 3rd
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    Grrr, Could have done with this a week ago. I've only just replaced the screen on my Mi A1 after smashing it.
    Also I've noticed the battery drains more now after doing so...likely I've screwed something up during install (edited)
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    How on earth is the Mi A1 five years old?! I feel ancient now
  11. Avatar
    Can anyone tell me the size of these please….it’s a wife thing .
    Sorry guys I’ve got it
  12. Avatar
    Where have all the cheap phone deals gone? I want to get my daughter a redmi note 10..tjere ain't a lot around in the 120quidbracket I can see atm
  13. Avatar
    Was rather groundbreaking for its time.
    But that time has gone.
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    being 5 years told and used, will the batteries be pants on these?

    being 5 years told and used, will the batteries be rubbish on these? (edited)
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    Still use mine as a second wake up alarm. Battery lasts for months with wifi off.

    Did you know that these mi A1s have some of the highest levels of radiation of all phones?

    Not sure id recommend one in 2022... Especially how cheap phones are now.
    Anonymous User
    Didnt know that A1s.specifially have hi radiation of what, nuclear , UV , infrared ? Would.like.to.know more.
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    It was decent at the time, no doubt, but the screen was awful. Not due to the specs, but the touch polling rate must have been 30hz or something low. Any form of scrolling with your finger held on the screen, as opposed to flicking, would cause massive amounts of stutter as the screen slowly updated your finger position.

    Confirmed on multiple units with a screen tester, which was a massive shame as otherwise the device was outstanding.

    This also seriously affected Swype typing and even normal typing if your thumbs can move quick enough.
    For £40, what do you expect? I had an A1 and it more than did the job at the time.
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    Can I use this to trade in for a pixel 7?
  18. Avatar
    Is this a safe site..
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    We had 4 of these in our household.

    One left in use now, one is a backup phone, one is smashed and one the battery swelled in. The one in use was actually smashed as well but I salvaged the screen from the one with the swollen battery to use on the smashed one.

    Cracking phones, I had mine pretty much at release. Never really had an issue with it at all - mine is still running as the backup phone. I upgraded to the Poco X3 pro.

    My youngest is the only one still using one and it is used daily, the battery still lasts well, but he can drain it fast with Pokémon go. His only complaint is that it doesn't support AR+ mode in Pokémon go due to the lack of a specific sensor.

    I will be honest and say I wouldn't bother buying one now but I also think they would do the job if you are on a tight budget.
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  21. Avatar
    Thanks op, would have bought the Realme 6 ...but gone.