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Posted 24 September 2022

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G 6gb/128gb - £239.99 with code @ fonecentral / eBay

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  1. Avatar
    lied to myself for 6 months thinking it was better than the 2S. it's not
  2. Avatar
    This has to be someone promoting their own ebay shop surely? What an abysmal offer
  3. Avatar
    Please tell all the peeps why "No". I know the phone is a bit ancient. I think we have been here before but I forget! (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Even @ £100 its a questionable deal (was abandoned by Xiaomi pretty much straight away)

    No idea why someone would buy at this price when there are so many newer and better phones at this pricepoint but if one really wants one i guess its the best available price for new.
    unless your addicted to ceramic glass and can't afford the 4 I've no idea
  5. Avatar
    I've got the 2s,I had a phase of buying phones,I bought it and liked it visually and the ceramic finish,Ive still got it,the mix 3 ,to me is a horrible phone,I handled one in a shop,not for me.
  6. Avatar
    3 and 1/2 years old. I'm sure the battery will be fine.
  7. Avatar
    extremely cold.
    I did buy this phone, but I sold it on and carried on using my mi8.

    a phone I'm still using actually.

    performance will still be ok, but you'd be crazy to spend £240.
  8. Avatar
    Its a decent phone but abandoned by Xiaomi for software so stuck on Android 9. You can pick up 2nd hand ones from places like cex for £130 and if this was £150 then would be hot. But overpriced massively here