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XIAOMI MIJIA C1 Vacuum cleaner robot - £146 With Code and free fees card or £150 when paid in Gbp @ Aliexpress Chinese Superlife Store
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XIAOMI MIJIA C1 Vacuum cleaner robot - £146 With Code and free fees card or £150 when paid in Gbp @ Aliexpress Chinese Superlife Store

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Mijia 1C is the latest vacuum cleaner released by Xiaomi in August 2019. We probe into its features and compare them with those of previous Mijia models. We aim to determine if the new Mijia 1C robot vacuum is worth investing in.

Xiaomi MIJIA 1C 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Updates & DifferencesBelow we compare Mijia 1C with the previous Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM (released August 2019) to determine how Mijia 1C measures against its predecessor.

1) VSLAM+Quad-core CPUBoth Mijia models feature the same digital signal processor ALLWINNER TECH R16 Quad, from Texas Instruments. However, according to official reports, Mijia 1C is about 15% faster than Mijia STYJ02YM in terms of digital signal processing speed.

2) 2500Pa super strong suction, 4 options of suction powerAs against 2100Pa suction pressure, Mijia 1C gives an extra 400Pa suction pressure. 2500Pa is the current record-holding suction pressure in the robot vacuum cleaning industry.

Mijia 1C has 4 cleaning modes, which include quiet, standard, mid-range, and strong. Users can choose from the four modes to clean almost any kind of floor type.

3) Vacuuming+mopping with smart electric control water tankBoth Mijia models have 2 in 1 capacity. They can both mop and vacuum. They both feature smart control water tanks. Mijia 1C has a water capacity of 200ml, while Mijia STYJ02YM water capacity is 500ml.

4) App remote control for firmware updates, mode selection, timing, a real-time cleaning processBoth Mijia vacuum cleaners can be remotely controlled via the Mijia app. With this app, users can control firmware, real-time cleaning, mode selection, mode switching, and timing.

5) 8.2cm ultra-slim bodyThe ultra-slim body of both Mijia models makes them suitable for cleaning floors under furniture. Mijia 1C finds it easier to move and clean floors under furniture as it is about 1.4cm slimmer than Mijia STYJ02YM.

6) 15 sets of sensorsMijia 1C has 15 sets of sensors for enhanced anti-drop and anti-collide functions. Mijia STYJ02YM has 12 sensors, yet it offers excellent obstacle escaping capacities. Mijia 1C with it 15 sensors offers better obstacle maneuvering and anti-drop capacities

7) Capable of climbing over 20mm obstaclesBoth Mijia models are capable of climbing obstacles that are up to 20mm high and offer better surface cleaning. If the floor height that separates two adjacent rooms in your house is within 20mm, both Mijia models can climb easily, and give excellent room-to-room cleaning.

Dustbin capacity

Once again, Mijia 1C trumps the others by having the highest bin capacity of 600 ml. This means when cleaning a dirty room, Mijia 1C will hold more dirt for a longer period than the other models.

It also means users will not need to empty the bin during room cleaning frequently. The overall benefit of this is saving time when vacuum cleaning.

Water capacity

Xiaomi Mi Robot and MiJia 1S do not have water capacity because they are not designed to perform mopping functions. However, Mijia STYJ02YM and MiJia 1C are 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners. They can remove dirt and mop the floor at the same time.


Suction power

Suction power determines how well a robot vacuum can clean a floor. The higher the vacuum's suction pressure, the more capacity it will have to remove tough dirt such as hair strands from the floor surface. Mijia 1C currently has the highest suction power in the vacuum cleaner market.


Battery size and capacity

The latest Mijia models have smaller battery size when compared with Mi Robot and Mijia 1S. This implies that Mijia 1C and Mijia STYJ02YM are more suited for small or medium-sized floor space. The older models should work well on medium and large floor space.

The number of cleaning modes: Due to high suction power on Mijia 1C and Mijia STYJ02YM, they can give an extra function mode. 2-in-1 capacity also increases cleaning modes.


Remote control

All four Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners can be remotely controlled when connected to the Mi app.


Multiple map supportOnly MiJia 1S and Mijia STYJ02YM have three or more cleaning maps. Hence, they are more appropriate for multilevel rooms.

Room cleaning and virtual walls

Mi Robot supports only zoned cleaning. The two latest Mijia models, both virtual walls and room cleaning.


What do room cleaning and virtual wall mean?Virtual walls keep the vacuum cleaner from gaining access to some specific areas. This could be your store or an area where you have stuff that must not be tampered with.

These virtual walls are created and activated when the robot cleaner is mopping the floor. Room cleaning selects only the rooms you need to clean from the other rooms in the building.

Zoned cleaning is similar to room cleaning in that it marks out a particular area for cleanup. The difference is that the purpose of zoned cleaning is to draw the attention of the vacuum cleaner to areas that require more cleaning work. For instance, you can zone clean an area of the room that is smeared with mud from the shoe.
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I have the RR S5, I'm wondering how this does room scanning without a laser? Very tempted for upstairs but now sure how this compares...
This is new model, I ordered myself and I'm not worry about stairs and xiaomi is reliable maker, but you can put in application a fake wall or no go zone...
Why is this getting so cold? A different deal was posted yesterday on the Mijia 1S (I believe?) such is a much older model that only vacuums and vistas £200 give or take. Is this model a technically inferior model despite some new features? I'm confused.
This never been so cheap and last deal was very hot with 15% more expensive
Bought with Monzo and get15 and it cost me £146.97.

Cheers OP.
Bought with Monzo and get15 and it cost me £146.97. why , give an answer
SrankieJone16/06/2020 16:45

Bought with Monzo and get15 and it cost me £146.97. why , give an answer

Monzo is a bank, I paid this same using revoult
Delivered this morning
My too, excellent, very happy
People still voting this down. I don't understand! So cheap!
Really happy, was waiting for this to come down, so glad I picked it up.
Cheers OP.
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