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Posted 22 November 2022

XIAOMI MIJIA Mini Nose Hair Trimmer, Portable Battery Powered - £5.45 Delivered (Starts Thursday) @ Xiao Mi Mijia Life Store / Aliexpress

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Customs duty may be charged on top of the headline price, usually on items costing more than £135 Information
Deal starts on Thursday at 8am, and price includes all duty etc. the price you see is the price you will pay on Thursday, add to basket now, and wait for the price drop, these look kinda cool for nose hair trimmers


  • Product Name: Huanxing Nose Hair Trimmer
  • Product Model: HN1/HN3
  • Rated voltage: 1.5V
  • Rated power: 0.3W
  • Blade material: 420J2 Toyota imported steel
  • Package includes: nose trimmer, AAA dry battery, instruction manual
  • Packing size: 63mm*154mm*36mr
  • Product weight: 114g/30g


  • 【Only cut short, not cut light】R-shaped rounded cutter head, safety shield design, does not hurt the nasal cavity, retains part of the nose hair, filters dust and bacteria in the air
  • 【All-metal body】Frosted feel, anodized process technology, no spraying, even if it is scratched and wiped with a wet towel, it is still bright as new
  • 【Seam Design】Open seam design, easy to capture nose hair in multiple directions and different lengths
  • 【Separable body】The independent cutter head can be disassembled and washed separately, the body is waterproof, and the residual hair oil stains can be cleaned and rinsed after use, which can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria
  • 【Safe and painless without pulling nose hair】Imported steel, 360-degree high-speed rotation, fast trimming without pulling, silent mode, only 50 decibels

Package Included:
  • Trimmer*1
  • AAA dry battery*1
  • Manual*1

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  1. Avatar
    I would only trim any excess, nose hair protect you from pollen, germs etc. Think of it as a filter.

    healthline.com/hea…irs (edited)
    "...retains part of the nose hair, filters dust and bacteria in the air"
  2. Avatar
    Just waiting for the first paranoid reviewer to say that this thing has embedded a Chinese microchip into their brain via their nostril. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    I want to curl them, not trim them 😝
  4. Avatar
    Thanks @MrSwitch worth a punt.
  5. Avatar
    Hmmm, I'm getting 4.45 plus 3.94 shipping via Poland. Or 6.99 all in via China.

    How do you get 5.45 all in?
    It's there, but the price has increased, must have sold out of the £5.45 price unfortunately, sorry
  6. Avatar
    How long until we see Xiaomi toilet paper?
    Just around the corner
  7. Avatar
    My mother in law pulls my father in laws nose hairs out with pliers...........
    as punishment?
  8. Avatar
    How well does it cope with boogies? Anyone know
    Churns them up like a meat grinder.
  9. Avatar
    Thanks just clogged mine up
  10. Avatar
    It only starts on Thursdays, won't work any on any other day,
  11. Avatar
    Cold. Where is the phone and toilet in the bundle? (edited)
    Next time, promise
  12. Avatar
    All these chinese products get right up my nose - ordered - heat
  13. Avatar
    Can you not add to cart now?
    Yeah, add to cart now is your best bet
  14. Avatar
    I’ll have grown a nose Movember by the time these arrive from China 🥸
  15. Avatar
    Thanks I have some really long 🍜 this will help it ordered 20 for eBay and one for me
  16. Avatar
    Poor quality, avoid. Just waste of money
  17. Avatar
    I got charged £9.93
    48819202-brBUp.jpg (edited)
  18. Avatar
    So, anyone who's received theirs... What's the product quality like? Wondering whether to pay more for this, versus the others going for $2 on AliExpress.