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Posted 14 November 2022

Xiaomi Pad 5 Cosmic Gray 6GB+128GB + Mi Casual Daypack Dark Blue Standard + Mi High-capacity Gel Pen (10-Pack) £272.98 with code @ Xiaomi

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Xiaomi Pad 5 Cosmic Gray 6GB+128GB + Mi Casual Daypack Dark Blue Standard + Mi High-capacity Gel Pen (10-Pack) for £272.98

Height: 254.69mm
Width: 166.25mm
Thickness: 6.85mm
Weight: 511g
Size: 11" display
Resolution: 1600 x 2560 (WQHD+)
275 ppi
Refresh rate: 120Hz
Brightness : 500nits (typ)
Over 1 billion colours
Supports DCI-P3
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 860
Rear camera: 13MP
4k | 30fps
1080p | 30fps
720p | 30fps
Front camera: 8 MP
1080p | 30fps
720p | 30fps
4 speakers
Dolby Atmos® supported
Storage & RAM
6GB+128GB, 6GB+256GB
LPDDR4X RAM + UFS 3.1 storage
*Available storage and RAM are less than the total memory due to storage of the operating system and software pre-installed on the device.
8720mAh (typ)
Bluetooth 5.0
Wi-Fi Protocol 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Operating System
MIUI for Pad
Package contents
Xiaomi Pad 5 / Adapter / USB Type-C Cable / Quick Start Guide / Warranty Card
Xiaomi More details at Xiaomi

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  1. Avatar
    Absolutely love this tablet and used it ever since I bought it (at least a year ago). Fantastic value.
  2. Avatar
    NIce tablet. the screen is a little too sensitive, but you do get used to it. Their android skin is a bit basic but does the job. Performance is excellent. 
  3. Avatar
    Does it support Widevine L1 so can watch Netflix / Prime in HD?
    Yes it does
  4. Avatar
    How does it compare to the Samsung Tab S range?
    Tab S6 Lite is closest in cost.
    This has a better screen quality, refresh, HDR10, Dolby Vision, pixel per inch, processor, internal storage, cameras, speakers, battery size and charging speed
  5. Avatar
    How do you add a coupon please? I added 22NOV30 and says already added. The website £30 when spending £300 does not appear to trigger. Tried website and app. Thank you
    You should get £30 off automatically using the app and then apply the code. You also need to add the other items to your basket
  6. Avatar
    Is this noticibly quicker than an S6 lite? Considering an upgrade.
  7. Avatar
    It's gone up in price now.

    Also what's the battery life like on this?

    Assume it runs on Android as well?
    Yes runs on miui - a skin on android.
  8. Avatar
    This looks good but the size is not a good fit for me. Does no-one make a 7" or 8" tablet that has a decent spec any more?
    Lenovo Legion tablet is best 8" tablet on the market, but not launched in EU yet.
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    Has the HDR / Dolby Vision firmware issue been resolved yet? (After some searching, it appears this issue has NOT been fixed!)

    I've also got my eye on the Lenovo P11 Pro Gen 2... that also suffers the same HDR issue, though a fix has been pushed out to China firmware models, waiting for Global rollout... Lenovo aren't great with support but they've developed a fix within 2 months of launch... not sure that Xiaomi have fixed this issue after a year.


    Thanks for this important info - I am trying to decide between this and the P11 Pro Gen 2 and thanks to your comment I will pass on this one and check whether the HDR problem on the P11 Pro Gen 2 has been fixed.
  10. Avatar
    This is still working for me.

    48748888-TAqXi.jpg (edited)
    only white pearl model available
  11. Avatar
    For god's sake Xiaomi - I'll give you £200 and you can keep all the crap.
  12. Avatar
    Was really hoping for the tablet with free air fryer combo.
  13. Avatar
    Is this the tablet that was free with the Xiaomi 12t pro a few weeks ago?
    No, that was the Redmi Tab.
  14. Avatar
    Just need the smart pen to hit around £40 to £50 mark, the tab itself is brilliant.
  15. Avatar
    Any combos with the smart pen?
  16. Avatar
    anyone else got this and unable to change the widget sizes ? Its so annoying.
    Use a third party launcher like Nova, should be able to change sizes...
  17. Avatar
    It's already been asked and answered above - re: Widevine L1 - but apparently the tablet has issues with it, and the fixes have included uninstalling updates to Netflix and stuff like that. And on top of that, the HDR performance is apparently pretty bad (example - forum.xda-developers.com/t/i…25/).

    Can anyone who owns it talk about their experience with it for HDR video content?

    Only thing holding me off because I know Xiaomi's hardware is great value and it'll blow away other tablets in the same price range in most other aspects.
    How does uninstalling Netflix equal the device having issue, surely it means the software is the issue?
    Netflix update their whitelist every 3 months, hense why every OEM has had issues with service.
    Checking the HDR performance on YouTube, there doesn't seem to be any issues on that platform.
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    is it likely that there be better deals on black friday
  19. Avatar
  20. Avatar
    @Admin this is still in stock and working!
  21. Avatar
  22. Avatar
    Same for me won't allow me to add showing £299
    You should get £30 off automatically using the app and then apply the code. You also need to add the other items to your basket
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  24. Avatar
    It's giving me only £5 for using app
  25. Avatar
    Not the Best Price I remember going down to 250 pounds and they had great gifts for that price. Will buy it again just waiting for a gift as well. (edited)
    Is anyone aware, when Xiaomi have had this on offer previously with a free gift, has the gift ever been the official stylus?

    Trying to work out whether to bite now or wait for potential sales after Xmas. This price seems good but the stylus is not cheap on its own.
  26. Avatar
    Does anyone know if I can stack Mi Points with this? If I exchange 600 for £30 will that come off in addition to all the other discounts?
    Good question that..if I could get this under £250 I'd be tempted
  27. Avatar
    I bought this last year for £370. Brilliant quality!
  28. Avatar
    The tablet itself is great. I wish there were alternatives to the stylus/pen. I'll probably need to get one from from china where these are around £45-50
    Do you know what type of smart pen is required if you go with compatible?

    I know there are various standards for stylus depending on brand etc. Is it Xiaomi's own standards as opposed to a generic stylus standard. (edited)
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    There's also a deal for £90 off when you spend over £500. I got scales, the backpack, drawing pads, motion activated lights, camera, and the smart pen. Essentially doing my tech Xmas shop in at once. I used klarna as I'm not stinking rich but it wouldn't take klarna payment till I put the site in Desktop mode!

    Hope I don't end up regretting black Friday thou as these codes last up till the end of the month too, hopefully they'll let you use the codes along with black Friday deals then. Hopefully I haven't lost too much too lol (edited)
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    Is this a good deal, as considering getting it. Showing up as 276.98 for me with any color backpack.
    Will black friday deals likely beat this?
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    Just to clear up Widevine issues and who is in control

    Widevine is a proprietary DRM solution from Google that's used by many popular streaming services to prevent content privacy. There are three Widevine security levels: L1, L2, and L3. In order for a device to support full HD and above streaming, it must support L1.


    So just to clarify GOOGLE write and own the security code.

    This means if your device has not been whitelisted by Netflix it can not access Ultra HD services, if it has not been entered properly you can not access HDR content. The whitelist is updated once every three months, so it is very unwise to base your purchase Netflix compatability the system has proved itself not fit for purpose.

    This is the best Tab under £300 with 13 beta and custom rom support. No doubt the devs have looked at the latest attempt from Google to patch the issue and now have standalone solutions.
    It is real that Netflix must whitelist devices for them to work, or is this an urban myth that is perpetuated online? I can't find information online regarding a Netflix whitelist except on discussion forums.

    For example, the POCO F3 (Redmi K40) is not listed on the Netflix support page for devices that support HDR, however, HDR works perfectly on my son's POCO F3 and is reported in reviews as working. I believe the list published on the Netflix help page is only a list of devices that they certify will work, not a list of the only devices that will work (there are certainly articles online that refer to Netflix having a list of certified devices).

    If it truly was a whitelist, then Netflix HDR would not work on the POCO F3. Much like PC memory... motherboard manufacturers publish compatibility lists for memory modules - they have tested and confirm full compatibility for those modules tested, but many other memory sticks will work perfectly.
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    Looks like I cannot order it as my postcode is not being recognised and there is no way to enter town / postcode manually... Tried in app as well as via Chrome and Firefox. Same issue
    Asked Xiaomi for help on Twitter but they did not respond
    Register your acc. online and enter you council borough rather then you district.
  33. Avatar
    So tempting...with points it comes in at £253 for me.

    Judging by the black Friday promo photo images there may be a deal coming on the Redmi Pad 6 at some point soon so thinking I will hold out for that - although not as high spec it has a SD card slot and will likely get more updates with being a newer product. (edited)
  34. Avatar
    Not expired!! Lol
  35. Avatar
    Not expired, still available!!
    Just reported it and HUKDs have opened it up again to voting
  36. Avatar
    Can confirm it has expired now