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Posted 11 July 2022

Xiaomi POCO F4 GT 5G Smartphone 12+256GB, 120Hz AMOLED Display, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 - £399 / M4 Pro 256GB £169 (Prime Exclusive) @ Amazon

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More prime only goodness, lowest this has been to date.

Poco m4 pro link

About this item
  • POCO F4 GT is equipped with Qualcomm’s most advanced 5G platform Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The mobile platform is built on 4nm process technology and includes an octa-core processor running at 3.0 GHz. As the most powerful Android chipset, it provides 20% faster CPU performance and up to 50% better GPU performance.
  • To utterly unleash the processor’s unparalleled potential, POCO F4 GT packs LiquidCool Technology 3.0, one of the industry’s most sophisticated cooling systems. Even in intense gaming scenarios, which consume tremendous power and generate huge amount of heat, the cooling solutions that feature 4,860mm2 dual VC enable stability and peak performance
  • POCO F4 GT comes with the first 120W HyperCharge in POCO brand and a 4700mAh dual-cell battery. In only 17 minutes, the device can be charged to 100%. For gamers, POCO F4 GT offers fast charging while gaming with 27 minutes to 100% charge, eluding your low battery anxiety during mid-game.
  • POCO F4 GT activates new power with magnetic pop-up triggers, which transform the device into a gaming machine. For hardcore gamers, the triggers o er a controller experience and apex-level precision. The pop-up triggers are designed with magnetic levitation technology and can handle 1.5 million times press with ease6. It has been tested on more than 100 popular games, the triggers showcase greatly stable, responsive and durable performance.
  • Boasting a 6.67-inch flat AMOLED display tailor-made for gamers, POCO F4 GT offers a 480Hz touch sampling rate and 120Hz refresh rate for extremely immersive gaming experience. With a large flat AMOLED display, gamers experience fewer accidental mis-touch in games compared with a curved display. POCO F4 GT also o ers high frequency PWM dimming to protect your eyes but not sacrifice color accuracy in low light conditions.

Qualcomm’s most advanced 5G platform includes an octa-core processor running at 3.0 GHz. As the most powerful Android chipset, it provides 20% faster CPU performance and up to 50% better GPU performance.

Smart 120W HyperCharge with 4700mAh battery
A fast-charging solution utilizes a dual-charge pump, dual-cell battery and multi-tab winding technologies, taking only 17 minutes* to get 100% charged. Charge while you play large games, and the battery will reach 100% in just 27 minutes*.

Magnetic pop-up triggers
The pop-up triggers are designed with magnetic levitation technology and can handle 1.5 million times press with ease. It has been tested on 100+ popular games and showcases greatly stable, responsive and durable performance
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  1. Avatar
    How does this compare to a Samsung S20 FE? Any other recommendations? Looking to find a replacement and go SIM only. S20 FE has been a huge disappointment in terms of reliability.
  2. Avatar
    Amazon are offering 0% finance on this up to 24mths via Barclays
  3. Avatar
    Purchased but still deciding, came from an X3 nfc which was perfect but broke, now using my old mate 20 pro. I just want a stable device with great battery and i only really use messaging apps. Would the X4 pro be better at less than half the price?
    I would say yes, why invest on a gaming phone for messaging apps? I would say the lower tier redmi phonescurrently sitting at 100-150 mark would be more than capable.
  4. Avatar
    Can I get this if I'm not a prime member?

    Also thanks didn't know the flamedeer were back just caught one! (edited)
    Often Amazon will offer a 30 day or 7 day free trial, or maybe a week or two for 99p. Worst case is you pay circa £7.99 for one month then cancel. I've kept it going as that monthly cost includes Prime Video and Prime Gaming.
  5. Avatar
    Wow. This is definitely the cheapest device with Snapdragon 8 gen 1. Heat added
  6. Avatar
    No memory card
  7. Avatar
    Ah FFS Xiaomi
    I have POCO F2 PRO and wanted to go Samsung or Google for next phone for security updates.
    But then can get another Xiaomi which smashes both for cheaper price. 12GB RAM and 100W charging for £400. Really tempted to get this instead.

    Replying to

    Pretty sure the stable updates are still being provided. Its only beta thats stopped.

    Got the f2 pro and ive took a bite at this. Nothing came close to f2 pro until now but the cameras are letting the GT down.
  8. Avatar
    any one know how good the camera is? ive read reviews but cant decide... i have mi points and can get the mi12 down to about £594 dont know if the significant amount of money is worth it or not i only upgrade my phone about once in 3 to 4 years.

    I am also looking at the same aspect. From what I have read so far, the Camera has got 'okay' reviews. Not enticing enough for me from the test pictures posted. Any reviews from users would be great.
  9. Avatar
    good upgrace over the huwaie p30 pro?
  10. Avatar
    A more realistic price for the gt mate!
  11. Avatar
    Oooo tempting. It's sort of an upgrade from f2 pro.
  12. Avatar
    @MrSwitch I have an Oppo Find X3 Pro and while the back camera takes great photos, the selfie camera is dreadful. Is there a phone you could recommend that takes great photos for both?

    Previously I had OnePlus phones but gave up after 7Pro as it suffered from screen burn. Tempted by the 10Pro Prime Deal though.
    You'd be looking at the likes of the s22 or pixel 6's of the world for good front and back cameras, the zenfone 8 flip has the best you can get, uses the rear camera as a selfie camera
  13. Avatar
    Good price mate, but in this weather - do people really have to mention heat!!!
  14. Avatar
    Pulled the trigger... Had to be done
  15. Avatar
    6896781501657588028.jpgWas just too tempting Someone else posted this deal and I had no idea it was already posted !
  16. Avatar
    Good price, tempted, but I went for the Redmi Note 10 Pro at £169.99 - and you can pay over five months too.

    Not interested in 5g, phone gets good reviews with plenty saying it's better that the Note 11 version.

    Replying to

    Yep, did that yesterday thanks :-)
  17. Avatar
    Such a fantastic deal, enough to make you want to join Amazon Prime. (edited)
    Can I join just for the deal then cancel after I've got the phone?
  18. Avatar
    Tempting! Heat!
  19. Avatar
    so damn tempted, what a deal
  20. Avatar
    Anyone knows if these phone got wireless charging? Thank you.

    Replying to

    You sent a "?" Just replying to that.
  21. Avatar
    Seriously tempted as I'm long overdue a replacement for my Lenovo P2, one of the things I loved about my P2 was it's lack of bloat ware. Have always been concerned about miui for that reason and not sure how I'd get on with it, but seeing as this is from Amazon and has free returns I may give it a go and try it. Has anyone returned a phone to Amazon after using it? Is it really as hassle free as any other returns with them like the 'free returns' would suggest.

    Anyone who already has one, are you happy with the camera? I'm not too fussed about having an amazing camera, just a decent usable one. My Lenovo P2s is shocking and unless you're holding the phone perfectly still you get blurry pics leading to lots of retakes.

    Cheers all.
    Omg I remember how crazy this place went for the Lenovo p2 I wanted one but could never get it
  22. Avatar
    Damn - this is now phone #13! Anybody know if you can buy a cure for oniomania???

    Replying to

    It's a crown of shame - I'll never have any savings until I can learn self-control. Still, a shiny new object arriving through the post does temporarily make me feel better about it...
  23. Avatar
    REALLY tempted!!! But how annoying are the MIUI ads? How often do they come up? Are they intrusive to the overall working of the device? Do they just pop up randomly?
    I've had the F3 since release and have not noticed ads. I disabled them when setting up the device. Takes minutes. They are definitely not intrusive.
  24. Avatar
    You can disable pretty much all of the ads, though you do have to go hunting for the settings as they're scattered all over the place. Youtube has guides how to do it, though IME you only get the ads if you're running a Xiaomi app anyway (e.g. the security center or their browser or media player apps).
    Thank you
  25. Avatar
    Will this have the same proximity sensor issue that has plagued the Poco F3 and F4?
  26. Avatar
    just ordered the black one...
  27. Avatar
    Received this today, it's a great phone. Camera is better than average but nothing too special.

    I can't get the notification light on the back to work, it doesn't turn on - I've tried the settings and everything. It might be a faulty unit and I may have to return it.

    Does everyone else's notification light work fine?.

    EDIT: I got it working somehow - I turned AOD / notifications on/off and now it's pulsing. (edited)
    Mines working fine, got a notification on my always on display, flipped the phone around and the led was pulsing the colour i chose in the settings, so maybe the pulse for notification in aod setting needs changing?
  28. Avatar
    Anyone else's power button feeling a bit stiff? The button is not as clicky as I would like. Great phone tho. Although the volume could be louder when using wireless earphones.

    Replying to

    I've been using the phone for a few weeks now and although I'm now used to the mediocre power button I think I will be returning it as I've found the battery to be terrible. Especially when on standby. It also gets warm easily.
  29. Avatar
    Man I'm sweating again!

    Edit: ordered the silver one - Thanks OP. (edited)
  30. Avatar
    Was almost gonna buy this at £499 a couple weeks ago, have £56 dormant Amazon gift balance, might just pull the trigger on the silver one

    Only issue is heat and throttling from the 8 gen 1, and the 8 plus gen 1 phones arriving within the next month, but £400.... (edited)
  31. Avatar
    Anyone know just how common the overheating is?
  32. Avatar
    This vs nothing phone 1 coming today?
    The nothing phone is Mid Tier. It does look pretty slick but the F4 GT is on a whole new level. If you wna compare specs then the F4 GT blows it away.
  33. Avatar
    Big discount
  34. Avatar
    Just wondering if this is an upgrade from iPhone 11? Quite hard to say with it not been the same platform.
  35. Avatar
    Got the deal, any idea if it's coming with a cover?
    Thanks OP
  36. Avatar
    I've read that the battery life isn't too good is this true ?
  37. Avatar
    Does nova prime work on Xiaomi devices?
    Mostly yes. You will have to use an app for gestures. Xiaomi is taking a not nice liking to 3rd party lunchers atm.
  38. Avatar
    this or the pixel 6 pro?
    If you need decent camera and support go with Pixel 6
  39. Avatar
    Typing this on the F2 Pro (second Pocophone), and was going to get a Pixel 6 Pro for the camera, but at this price, very hard to justify paying the extra...
  40. Avatar
    Shame it still has no proximity sensor lol junk