Unfortunately, this deal has expired 13 September 2023.
Posted 21 August 2023

Xiaomi POCO M5s Smartphone 4GB 64GB, 6.43 Inch FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay, MediaTek Helio G95 With Code (Possibly £114 With Auto Discount)

£119£1298% off
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Starts on Wednesday, POCO5TH is the code, but Possibly £124 With £5 Auto Discount

About this item
  • Take sharper photos and record stunning 4K video with the POCO M5s’ rear camera system, which captures joys at your fingertips, It includes a 64MP primary camera, an 8MP ultra wide-angle camera and two 2MP sensors for depth detection and incredible close-ups, On the front is a 13MP camera for beautified selfies and sharp videos
  • With the help of AI computational photography, it is easy to make the most of the ideal tech to help everyone express themselves, You can capture a portrait with stylish natural bokeh effect, shoot landscape with ultra-wide mode, take great photos in the dim light with night mode, and produce professional time-lapse and slow motion videos
  • With a 6.43-inch Full HD+ AMOLED DotDisplay and dual speakers, the POCO M5s is like a pocket cinema to amplify the fun of watching sports and getting lost in your favorite movies, You’ll be amazed by the dual speakers with punchy and immersive sound and the true to life colors in every content which brings a 4.5 million to 1 contrast ratio and DCI-P3 color gamut
  • The new POCO M5s has all the power you need to make endless fun possible thanks to a MediaTek Helio G95 processor with powerful ARM Mali-G76 MC4 GPU, Combining smooth graphics performance and efficiency, you can enjoy nonstop mobile gaming, indulge in power-hungry augmented reality or stream videos on your favorite platforms
  • Equipped with a high-capacity 5,000mAh battery, your POCO M5s will keep up with your busy schedule, giving you close to 12 hours of gaming fun, one and a half days of voice calls and about a month in standby mode, It also supports 33W fast charging and can be at 100 Percent in just over an hour to eliminate any worries about your phone running out of juice
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  1. MrSwitch's avatar
    Seems there is a POCO festival from Wednesday, already on xiaomi uk if you'd like to have a ganders, this code works for other poco phones (edited)
  2. monitor1's avatar
    They are useless in sunshine because ive got one.
    nigelbutler's avatar
    Unless you are spending £250 then you will get this with most phones. This Poco has fairly high Nits brightness as well & it's Amoled..... Don't worry summer will be over soon

    Check the Nits!!!

    I've got this phone as well btw but 6gb version it's pretty decent. Also for max brightness turn off auto brightness & battery saver (edited)
  3. innocent's avatar
    Decent deal I'd say. Thought I would never say this but 128gb on board memory would be better these days. I wonder how much would that be especially if the code is applicable to that as well. Heat for the present 🔥
    EDIT : You have read my mind! You are a genie ⬇️ (edited)
  4. john.coote's avatar
    Managed to get it for £114 two codes stacking £10 off over £100 - plus the £5.
  5. Haggistc's avatar
    Thanks Mr Switch, went for the POCO M5s Grey 4GB+128GB. £134, happy with that
  6. tiree's avatar
    Managed to get this down to £104 using IMEI verification on Mi Website, couldn't resist at that price. £20 for the verification and £5 for subscribing. (edited)
    modmouse's avatar
    I tried that it sent me a code but it would never accept the code it emailed me. It's a shame it isn't automatic because I purchased the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ with the app last year and it should just see customers order history.
  7. Noisetank's avatar
    I have this phone and it is appalling - i wish I had got my 5 year old Honor Plays screen fixed instead of buying this. I hate it so much.

    Wretched performance, half the webpages i look at don't render right (stuff is offscreen or overlapping), the built in alarm clock app is poor, photos are "alright"... if i go for a run it records that i ran .2 of a km every time (even when I actually run more!), on a bike ride it recorded a more respectable 12 miles...as the flipping crow flies (in a direct straight line for those who don't know what that means)!
    i hate the fingerprint sensor that tells me I have tried to unlock it too many times when ive just taken it out my pocket and tried once - I don't understand how anyone could like the fingerprint sensor on the lock button of anything - on this thing it makes me want to smash it...

    If you want a cheap phone that is literally all this does - all other functionality is meh...oh - it has an SD card slot too! That is the only plus to this phone...I would probably wipe my backside with it if I thought even that aspect of it would work but it would probably just "freeze up" or lag whist doing it...
    Mr.Nutts's avatar
    Is that how you cracked your Honor... by wiping your crack with it?
  8. BigJmac1982's avatar
    This, redmi 12, honor 70 lite or any other phones?....need a new phone for my 12 year old son....max £150 budget....he likes to play games & watch videos mostly. Any help would be appreciated (edited)
    AstalaVista's avatar
    In the same boat..........I have shortlisted Redmi note 12 as well..............not urgent but need it soon
  9. sully01's avatar
  10. mikkyx's avatar
    Motorola G32 is £119 at the moment and seems to be a decent budget-ish phone. Going to give it a go anyway
    Somersett's avatar
    Yeah, cos their phones aren't simply rebadged versions of phones made in the same Chinese factories, only with worse specs for your money?
  11. Somersett's avatar
    There's a new 'King Arthur' show. On IMDB, the first 5 reviews were all 10 out of ten. They each told viewers to ignore the 'earlier' (non-existent) reviews that referenced specific 'issues' in the show. Of course, they were paid PR fake reviews. My point?

    Look at certain detailed comments here 'trashing' Xiaomi, and this phone in particular. This is what is called 'paid negative PR'. Fake claims about malfunctions, And fools who 'think' they can spot fake reviews fall hook line and sinker for fake NEGATIVE reviews. The competition simply cannot compete with phones like this deal on price. They can't come close even. And it's only going to get worse with AI bots flooding forums like this one with 'convincing' detailed comments.
    mikkyx's avatar
    I believe you are a Chinese AI Program masquerading as a human.
  12. MishMash's avatar
    Worth the upgrade from a Note 8t?
  13. Jimmy_Chou's avatar
    Unless someone was really quick there wasn't a 128 GB Blue one available. I settled for the grey one, with Mi points it came to £99.20 which I'm very happy about.
  14. BigJmac1982's avatar
    Got the 128gb model for £134
  15. john85320's avatar
    does this phone come with a charger in box in uk there seems to bea doubt
    andretso's avatar
    No it does not...... If you read the specs on the Xiaomi website it tells you what comes in the box... I know because I got caught out and had to pay another £20 for the charger although they gave me a £10 voucher P&P around £8 I think
  16. danieljcroberts's avatar
    Bit of a niche request here. I am trying to a screen onto my fridge which will display Home Assistant dashbaord stuff. I want it to be touch screen and therefore 'need' it to be an Android tablet. I don't need it to have a battery as it will always be plugged in. Having no battery is also good as I plan to attach it by magnets and therefore the lighter the better. The bigger the screen the better (dependent on price). The best I have found is:

    Do you have any recommendations. I appreciate this is quite a niche request (hence I can't easily just browse the offers on HotUKDeals to get this info.

    Many thanks for your help and thank you for your service to HotUKDeals.
  17. John59's avatar
    For anyone who had this delivered I'd like to ask if it came with the charger in the box? A Mine hasn't been delivered yet and I have heard some people say it does and others that it doesn't.
    tiree's avatar
    Mine is due today sometime, I'll post when it arrives though according to the MI website Britain is one of the countries not supplied with a charger.
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