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Posted 30 November 2022

XIAOMI Redmi 10C 4gb ram snapdragon 680 50mp cam - 64 GB, Graphite Grey - £99 delivered @ Currys

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    I'm unlikely to buy any more Xiaomi phones. I'm sick to the back teeth with the built in, enabled by default, advertising in the pre-installed (and largely non-removeable) apps, the push for me to set up a Mi account and defaulting contact lists, image backup etc to the Xiaomi ecosystem - and the knock-on effect of screwing up Google contacts lists if you aren't extremely careful. Nope. Xiaomi phones are quite nice hardware but the firmware is - for me at least - a disaster. (edited)
    i have the following phones

    redmi note 8 pro ,
    a poco x3 (pro and non pro)
    a redmi note 10 pro
    and a poco x4 pro

    ALL of the above MIUI phones allow you to remove the bloatware installed on the phones and turn off suggested adverts
    and scanning of apps with ads included. ALL and anything ad based is a togglable option. Across ALL of the Miui phones.

    i don't use the xiaomi's ecosystem AT ALL for my images and music or podcasts or even camera
    i install google apps on my phones and use their image backup (using google photos) I use googles contacts app .
    And i even sideload the google pixel camera port on ALL of my phones

    you can if you are a proficient user of android set apps that are used as default
    you can disable all permissions for any xiaomi apps and hide the apps that are made part of the standard OS
    By this im talking camera , contacts and evven things like the clock.

    i even sideload revanced and use youtubes with no ads with premium features.

    If you want a vanilla google experience without having to tinker buy a pixel. If you want a value phone with mid tier flagship specs for a lot less consider buying a redmi or poco (edited)
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    Helpful. Well spotted. You could post that as a deal in its own right.
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    A SD680 In a ultra budget phone equals heat from me.
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    I fancied this the other week but read about the problems with it.


    Has it been sorted?
    don't know. i took mine back to currys for refund due to bootloop issue and got a redmi note 11 from amazon but my son not opened that yet. went a bit quiet on the forums. they refunded but annoyingly I spent £13 on a nice stand case and screen protector for it. it so test it out for a week before getting any accessories!
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    Best sub £100 phone?
    Presumably you mean 4G phone. OPPO A16s looks a good bet with user friendly interface.
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    Love Xiaomi but the models don't half confuse me! Can anyone advise if this is a better phone than the Redmi 10 2022 that Argos are selling for 109?
    Ignore my earlier reply, thought it was the Redmi 1A deal. Whoops.

    The 10C and 10 2022 are similar. The 10 2022 has a better screen (90hz) and better camera performance, but the SOC (processor) is slightly faster in the 10C.
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    I agree... that's a cracker (from Curry's)!
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    Is this better than the redmi 10?
    No, it's not.

    Xiaomi 10, is better than this one, sorry.
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    This or moto g22...this cpu better but not sure about which would be better all round.
    If you can stretch your budget £20/30, the Moto G62 is likely to be a lot better on all fronts (turn off 5g if you don't need it/in 4g area to get better battery life). Otherwise, this or the G22 is likely to depend on what's important to you. (edited)
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    Back in stock
    Yippee, it's a real deal.
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    I would have gone for one of these as the specs are great for the money, but I detest rear-mounted fingerprint scanners.
    Use face unlock
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    I was instore today and liked the look of it . Very big phone so stands out
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    Worth stating 4gb ram in the title and description. I am going by specifications on Currys deal page.
    Didn't see that thank u
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    Good specs for under £100!
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    not bad, but wonder what's the camera like at this price....
    I watched reviews and they mentioned gcam or something is a must as built in camara app isn't up to scratch but once gcam installed its another level 👌 (edited)
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    This or Motorola Moto G62 64GB 5G
    The Moto but it's not £99?
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    Apparently it doesnt have a compass or gyroscope, whereas teh 10 does
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  19. Avatar
    Would this work as a mini tablet for kids? YouTube, Roblox blah blah blah?
    It would indeed (edited)
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    To 5g trolls. I turn it off on my phone to save battery. Only need it when tethering to my pc to download steam games. But even then the 4g speed is similar in my part of central London.

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