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Posted 21 August 2023

Xiaomi Redmi 12 G88 Processor, 90Hz FHD+, 5000mAh 18W, 50mp, 4GB 128GB - With Code

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£5 auto applied, plus use Code MI2023, launched at £199 a few weeks ago, so a nice drop

6.79" FHD+ DotDisplay
Enjoy life with a big screen thanks to Redmi 12's immersive and smooth 90Hz 6.79" FHD+ display, perfect for everything from watching videos to browsing social media.

Octa-core processor, bringing a smoother experience
Redmi 12 delivers an amazing balance of power and efficiency thanks to its MediaTek Helio G88 processor, delivering smooth and stable performance day in, day out.

90Hz AdaptiveSync refresh rate
Redmi 12 feels super smooth and satisfying to use, whether you're a gamer, a social media star, or just enjoy having a fast and snappy experience. And, thanks to AdaptiveSync, Redmi 12 will automatically optimize its refresh rate for whatever you're doing.

Infinite camera deco design, open up your imagination
With seamlessly integrated cameras and a premium glass back, Redmi 12 truly stands out from the competition.

SGS Low Blue Light Certification
With both SGS Low Blue Light Certification and Reading mode 3.0, Redmi 12 helps you enjoy your visual experience even more, for even longer, reducing blue light and visual fatigue, and keeping your eyes protected.

Large 5000mAh(typ) Battery
The 5000mAh super power along with the 18W fast charge, ensuring a longer use and faster charge and helping you get rid of power anxiety.

Bigger, better memory
Redmi 12 comes with a maximum capacity of 256GB, standing out from the competition. And with up to 1TB of expandable storage, Redmi 12 makes it easy to keep all the photos, videos, and files you need with you, wherever you go.

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  1. HEZ1982's avatar
    Which is better this or the note 12? For an 11 year old. So mainly used for WhatsApp tiktok Snapchat and sometimes Roblox thanks
    DopeyDunker's avatar
    Probably Redmi Note 12 if you can get it near this price. It will have better performance, faster charging, and likely more enjoyable viewing experience as it has an 120hz amoled display vs 90hz LCD on this.......not to knock this deal which is at a good price! (edited)
  2. TrumpisaTwit's avatar
    Is this ok for Gaming!? C.O D etc ?
    litwoojczyznomoj's avatar
    Processor in this is basically the same as Helio G85. "Google Helio G85 call of duty" , watch one of many YouTube videos showing people playing the game on it and decide if performance is good enough. Seen 20 seconds of one of them and it looked capable of handling the game.
  3. Jonnyblock's avatar
    How's it compare to POCO X3 PRO?
    James_Harking's avatar
    The X3 Pro is better in every meaningful way.
  4. Subsh's avatar
    did it again

  5. JamesNolan's avatar
    This, or a Samsung A14 5G or Motorola G32? Quite a bit of choice around this price. I had a redmi 9 a good few years back and remember the software being a bit rubbish.

    Any of the above better for around this price?

    innocent's avatar
    If you or one of our resident experts works through possible future OS and security updates, processor type, storage(ram /rom), resolution, battery capacity and speed of charging etc you would be a better techno than I am. My head hurts!
  6. samsmith66's avatar
    Pretty basic specs. Even Samsungs have 25W chargers.
    innocent's avatar
    You are entitled to your viewpoint but it could be worse and had 10W!
  7. BucketMan's avatar
    What's the deal with the crapware these days? Did Xiaomi abandon it?
    wydcus's avatar
    was thinking the same, anyway to remove it if it does come installed with bloat?
  8. hcl3's avatar
    MrSwitch's avatar
  9. Cartoonhead's avatar
    does this support wireless charging? can't see it in the specs
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Unfortunately not, no
  10. James_Harking's avatar
    The Poco M5S is a better buy than this unless you must have the larger IPS screen.
  11. MattMac's avatar
    Is this a decent improvement on the Redmi Note 9?
  12. Ayub123's avatar
    Hi this or the nokia g42 6g ram?
  13. sully01's avatar
  14. Ayub123's avatar
    Hi this or the nokia g42 6g ram?
  15. alchemistkevin's avatar
    this or the M5s please?

    I have done a versus and gsmarena compare and various reviews and still can't make my mind up.

    thank you
    Jimmy_Chou's avatar
    Faster LCD or OLED take your pick, oh and the Helio G88 is quite a bit slower than the Helio G95. (edited)
  16. modmouse's avatar
    my app says £154 after code.
  17. Mighty_Mo's avatar
    which is better this or the poco x5 5g 6gb 128ram for £169 (for an 11 yr old)
    John59's avatar
    The Poco X5 is a considerably better phone on paper, but then would the likes of 5G and a faster processor be of much benefit for an 11 year old? It would be faster for playing games and arguably more future proof due to the additional RAM but it is quite a lot more, the M5S is also another option to consider. It really just depends what the purpose of the phone is. (edited)
's avatar