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Posted 14 November 2022

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+, Mi Watch + Mi Air Fryer + Xiaomi Smart Band 7 + Mi Router 4C + Mini Speaker & Headphones - £432.96 @ Xiaomi UK

£432.96£502.9614% off
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Evening all! On todays shopping list, we have the redmi note 11 pro+, a mini speaker you need to add from the "buy together" section, a mi band 7, a mi watch, an mi air fryer, some Earphones 2 Pro auto added, and a mi router 4c. Links below to all items above, happy flipping Xmas

Mi Watch

Mi Router 4C

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Mi Air Fryer

  • Healthier cooking with 360° heated air circulation, providing delicious food with less grease and fat
  • 1500W heating pipe for quick and rapid cooking
  • 100+ in-app recipes, just select and the air fryer will automatically select the temperature and time for you
  • Adjustable temperature between 40℃ to 200℃. Aside from frying, you can also dry fruit and meat, ferment yogurt, defrost, and bake
  • 24h scheduled cooking so you can prepare your food in advance and get your cooking done even when you are busy OLED screen with interactive button, easy to control 3.5 Litre with grill rack to maximise your kitchen space Wear resistant and non-stick coating to make the air fryer both durable and easy to clean

Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G

Features & details
  • Equipped with 120W charging, capable of charging the massive 4,500mAh battery to 100% in just 15 minutes
  • Ultra-clear 108MP imaging system
  • 120Hz FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay
  • Exceptional audio-visual experience Sound by JBL
  • MediaTek Dimensity 920 processor

Xiaomi More details at Xiaomi

Community Updates
Better off getting this bundle for the Band 7 which includes an additional strap for the same price.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 & Any One of Straps

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  1. Avatar
    Opinions on the air fryer please, it's a great price
    Life changing. I have become a recluse because I fear that in every social gathering it's only a matter of time before I start going on about how good the Xiaomi air fryer is.
  2. Avatar
  3. Avatar
    Not being picky, but shouldn't the deal be £432.96?
    I clearly need to get my glasses on bud, cheers
  4. Avatar
    I added all the items and entered the discount code, but then removed everything apart from the phone … the free headphones stayed in the basket … grand total of £279.
  5. Avatar
    Does anyone have a realistic breakdown of resell value on items ?
    Not that great. Even the air fryer goes for a out £60...
  6. Avatar
    Cold. Missing the Xiaomi Mi Asswiper (edited)
  7. Avatar
    I'm out. No gel pens.
  8. Avatar
    It's like they've thrown everything including the kitchen sink at you with this one.
    The deals are put together by Mr Switch not Xiaomi.
  9. Avatar
    Thank you for this! I played with the bundle a bit as didn't want or need the watches, got myself 2 air fryers instead, should mean happy wife happy life
  10. Avatar
    I have just got this redimì note 11 pro plus 5g phone and the earphones shown in this deal from xiaomi and can’t recommend it highly enough. Both are way better than I expected so this deal is one to watch. Lots of goodies for one amazing low price. (edited)
    Hi. What’s the camera like on this phone? Thanks 
  11. Avatar
    This all arrived today and have no idea what the hell I'm gonna do with it all ,
    Whats the phone like
  12. Avatar
    I don't think even the Generation Game had that many things on it's conveyor belt!
  13. Avatar
    ill take them all for my christams prezzie cheers Switchy!
  14. Avatar
    Only thing not in that bundle is Mr Switchy himself
    Must insist inclusion of the Mi Wireless Switch next time, or buy it from Amazon /elsewhere & pretend it is! amazon.co.uk/dp/…S7J
  15. Avatar
    Is this where The Gadget Show get their prizes?
    Its also where blankety blank get their prizes if you know that show. "On Blankety Blank tonight our prizes include a high end smartphone and smart watch a air fryer another smart watch a wifi router and mini speaker and headphones. "
  16. Avatar
    Air fryer is brilliant. Paid around £100 for ours
    is it just 3.5 litres?
  17. Avatar
    Cold - No Pens.

    Pen = Write shopping list including frozen Greggs from Iceland
    Phone = Connect to Internet to place order for frozen Greggs
    Router = to connect to Internet to place order
    Air Fryer = to cook the Greggs
    Smart Watch = Measure exercise to burn Greggs calories
    Speaker = Listen to music whilst exercising
    Smart Band and Buds = Running to burn off 3 Greggs Sausage rolls

    but It all falls apart without the pens.... !
  18. Avatar
    If only I hadn't just bought a ninja 😔

    Voted hot (edited)
  19. Avatar
    That's a good bundle @MrSwitch now I just need a deal on this to fit in
  20. Avatar
    What are Xiaomi like? Constantly banging on about their products being great.

    It's all about Mi, Mi, Mi.
  21. Avatar
    Whoa, an air fryer, perhaps one has to eat chicken and chips while using their Redmi phone and scrolling this app.
  22. Avatar
    MrSwitch, I have been away for a while, but I come back and see I still have to applause your genius. This is possibly the most eclectic accumulation on HUKD EVER!!!
  23. Avatar
    The second they throw me Electric car or motorcycle I'm in
  24. Avatar
    Woof, that's a bundle of goodies eh? - sadly not in the market for a router or new Xiaomi phone, buds or band/watch at the mo and I already own the speaker (brilliant for its size) and air fryer (so good). - but if I was or was looking for some good Xmas gifts, I'd be all over this.
  25. Avatar
  26. Avatar
    Tempted to get this and sell the phone. The rest would all come in quite handy!
  27. Avatar
    This is the bundle u need if u just changed Ur identity and need to save a buck for home appliances
  28. Avatar
    The Jason Bourne bundle, perfect for when you need to complete a quick black ops mission... And air fry some chicken 🐔 (edited)
  29. Avatar
    Well this really is some bundle and it may be able to sort out a lot of people's Xmas presents at a very low price. This has got to have ♨️ as includes an elusive Airfryer even!
  30. Avatar
    No back, sack and crack gizmo? I'm out.
  31. Avatar
    So many things I don't need together, so tempting.
  32. Avatar
    Good deal
  33. Avatar
    + Mi Shetland pony + Mi neighbour's wifi password + Mi United States nuclear launch codes...
  34. Avatar
    Why is the airfryer 2 inches tall?
    Chinese are shorter. (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Does the phone have a sd slot
    The fryer does.
  36. Avatar
    Either the phone is massive or the airfryer is tiny.
  37. Avatar
    Could anyone explain how the discount works? Does one have to buy a certain amount of items?
  38. Avatar
    Also known as ‘the beginner surveillance spy bundle’
  39. Avatar
    I'm just checking the Chrimbo wish lists bro, I'm sure I can make this work.

    Perfect mate 👌
  40. Avatar
    That's aloy of things I don't need but I somehow still want to buy it to see all the discounts work