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Posted 15 June 2023

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G Smartphone, 120Hz AMOLED display, 5000mAh - £279 With Auto £20 (£269 Possible) @ Xiaomi UK

£279£2997% off
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Update 1
Update: Code LEBARA06 takes 6% off, final price £262.26, code credit Thanks man
Retailers are extending their return policies for Christmas: Full List of Shops Extending Returns Policies for Christmas

£269 if you collect the The new user coupon for £10 off, £20 will auto apply (It does currently) unlike the |F5 the other day, so that final price will be achievable

Redmi Note 12 Series superb camera capabilities and entertainment features in the mid-range that can tackle all of GenZ’s life challenge. Empowers our Gen Z to capture vivid life moments , show their creativity and how tremendous of their lives.

About this item
  • Flagship-level Sony IMX766 sensor with OIS
  • 67W turbo charging
  • 5000mAh long-lasting battery
  • Smooth and vivid 120Hz Flow AMOLED display
  • Versatile MediaTek Dimensity 1080

Xiaomi More details at

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  1. mgb20's avatar
    Only having 128Gb memory is a minus point although that might be enough for most people. My Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G has a Hybrid Sim slot so I have added a 256Gb card to give me a total memory of 512Gb. It's a shame that the same option wasn't included with this model.
    DopeyDunker's avatar
    Oh yes, just noticed no sd card support. Don't like it when they omit that on the Note series which traditionally supports expandable memory. Bit of a downside really. (edited)
  2. innocent's avatar
    That LEBARA06 coupon also applies for 6% off 📴
    Credit to (edited)
    salehunt's avatar
    50380337-Puee7.jpgWorks for me
  3. DopeyDunker's avatar
    🔥...but title says 33w, is it not 67w?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Cheers, edited, copied and pasted from amazon, who also says this has a snapdragon 5G processor
  4. ST30's avatar
    google pixel 6a looks a better deal from Tesco cold me from me
    deag's avatar
    good luck with the in display fingerprint reader. spoilt my 6A experience and reason I sold it
  5. kevinc6784's avatar
    Worth an upgrade from a Note 10 pro? Thanks.
    morris7's avatar
    I have this phone and my gf has the note 10 pro. The quality of the photos is basically the same. General performance makes the 12 pro feel marginally faster/smoother. The only substantial benefits are the 5g (as per previous reply) and optical image stabilization. Personally I wouldn't spend this amount of money to upgrade between the two.
  6. sipart's avatar
    Never heard of Gomibo....have you used them before? Look to be legit when reading the history page on the site.
  7. apmirkin's avatar
    I won't touch mediatek powered device's. Even Samsung uses mediatek on their base model devices. Awful. If it's not snap dragon. I won't touch it
  8. Flying_Orange's avatar
    Why to pay £ 1200 for a phone if you can get one for this. Wow.
  9. hugekebab's avatar
    "GenZ's life challenges" are mainly centred around never being off their phones since age 6. "And how tremendous of their lives" is a fair point though. (edited)
    johnjrambo's avatar
    GenZ & mobile social media digital life.....enough said
  10. DariuszTech's avatar
    Such a great price. Decent phone with brilliant display and not bad camera 😄
  11. Neostar's avatar
    Brilliant deal though I'm not buying cause I got a 12T Pro already

  12. crazygoog's avatar
    Damn. Currently waiting on this from AliExpress for £70 less, potential import duty, and no warranty 😡
  13. griffithsrush's avatar
  14. tbtb31's avatar
    This or Nothing Phone 1?
    mattygc2004's avatar
    This is my question to

    This is my question to (edited)
  15. krus5's avatar
    This one or nothing?
  16. quake.ee's avatar
    F5 of course. Double RAM+Double ROM + better processor.
  17. jkdtoon's avatar
    Morning folks. I've had great experience with Redmi phones and looking for an upgrade.

    Is this a good phone? What's the advantages of it. Thank you!
  18. sam1970's avatar
    What Android version on this phone please?
  19. blueybarnes's avatar
    Anyone know if Xiaomi phones still only use their own devices to unlock the screen? I have a Poco X4 Pro and want a new blower but Google Smartlock is a must. I want to be able to unlock the phone with my car bluetooth. (edited)
    paulmccre's avatar
    It has to be unlocked using another Xiaomi device.
  20. Manbatius's avatar
    Is the Mediatek MT6893 in my Nord 2 better than the Mediatek MT6877V in this Xiaomi.

    I'd love a headphone socket back and screen seems better but...

    I've only had this 3 months lol
    DopeyDunker's avatar
    No, nord 2 chip is better. Whether you'd notice the difference depends on what you use your phone for (heavy gaming, etc) (edited)
  21. Snipperuk_Andy's avatar
    Do these run/support google ?
    chancooluk's avatar
  22. Kaktt's avatar
    This one or poco f5?
    chancooluk's avatar
    F5 is the better phone all around.
  23. brettytopbanana's avatar
    Is this better than the Poco X4? I've had it for around 8 months and I've had enough of it. The last few weeks it's been really laggy. It doesn't respond for seconds and keeps having a ui isn't responding moment.
  24. phead's avatar
    is this duel sim? I cannot see in the specs anywhere
    quake.ee's avatar
    Yes it is dual sim.
  25. goodnightirene's avatar
    Does this have NFC in the UK? - deal breaker for me
's avatar