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Posted 24 October 2022

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active - £64 via app @ Xiaomi

£4.90 · Xiaomi Deals
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Product Specifications
Moon White /Ocean Blue /Space Black
Heart rate sensor (with blood oxygen sensor), accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, atmospheric sensor, ambient light sensor
46.5x47.3x11mm (not including the strap and local protrusions)
Satellite positioning systems:
Glass fibre-reinforced polyamide
Battery capacity
1.43" AMOLED display
Water resistance rating:
Operating temperature:
White silicone, black and blue TPU
System language:
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Czech, Greek, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish
Adjustable length:
Compatible with:
Android 6.0 or iOS 10.0 and above
Wireless connection:
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.2
Standards implemented:
GB/T 30106-2013
Package contents
Watch x1
Magnetic charging cable x1
User manual x1
Warranty Notice x1
Xiaomi More details at Xiaomi

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  1. Avatar
    also does NFC payments btw
    I'm very happy with my Huawei GT 3 though I do miss NFC payments. This seems a great price for the included features.
  2. Avatar
    Little tip, App deliberately makes earphones £4.99 so you can't trigger free delivery. If you add something else to the basket over £5 and keep it in the basket while you search for the earphones they go back to £5.99. Add the earphones back and delete the other item. You get free delivery and earphones for £1.
    Just used your advice. Thanks man. Got the watch and headphones for 59 quid!
  3. Avatar
    Not for me.. am I missing something?
    Ahh.. it's from tomorrow
  4. Avatar
    I think you can use one + any points over 1k
  5. Avatar
    With app will be £53.90 with refer a friend £15 off coupon 😜 seriously, it's better to use the app to add a watch to the and something worth £5 ..... shipping will be free
  6. Avatar
    Got it for £59.89 along with some headphones, have some heat. Ty OP

    48519483_1.jpg (edited)
    I bought two for £118 😁
  7. Avatar
    Xiaomi the time
  8. Avatar
    You can also do this- watch £69-£5 app discount -£15 refer a friend discount give £49 + £24.99 Camera = £73.99 (it should work that way) you can also buy something else by using the buy together option there are many options…. it depends what who needs…. Backpack and charger and watch for £69.98

    Tomorrow the price of the watch will be £69
  9. Avatar
    It's just the White and the Blue versions that are £69 (-£5). The Black version is still £119 (-£5)
  10. Avatar
    48519146-Kzabj.jpgOrdered plus charger. Thanks!
  11. Avatar
    Anyone want to send me a code for refer a friend?
  12. Avatar
    Thanks ordered with daypack
    Me too
  13. Avatar
    Spent an hour watching videos of it for it to be sold out by the time I decided to treat myself lol
    I’ve just done the exact same thing, I finally decided I wanted it, and it’s gone.

    I wasn’t happy with the Apple Watch’s square face, and have always preferred round watches. I was going to get the Huawei GT 3, but this looks just as good and a fraction of the price.

    I still wear my Huawei Watch W1 which I got 8 years ago, and it works perfectly with my iPhone 14 Pro Max. I really didn’t expect it to last so long. It still lasts all day with the always on display.

    My other alternative was the Pixel Watch, but I’m not sure that works with iPhone?
  14. Avatar
    watches have already shipped. At least I already know that they are not canceling the order…
  15. Avatar
    i was lucky yesterday, it was out of stock but i left in basket, i refrshed the page a couple of times and it let me proceed with purchasing. I quickly purchased and it went through! i thought i would get a cancellation email as i ordered after it was out of stock but got a confirmation and shipping email yesterday. got a text this morning saying its out for delivery and should be with me around midday
    Dont worry, they will still have stock.
    They will allocate a certain quantity of stock for the promo not sell the entire stock.
  16. Avatar
    We wish
  17. Avatar
    Does it work on iPhone?
  18. Avatar
    Excellent price for the specs and nfc mastercard payment ♨️
    So do they only allow you to add MasterCard or can you add visa, Amex? Many thanks?
  19. Avatar
    To think I paid just under £40 for this watch is a dream. And I love it, very good battery life...
    What deal was that? Great price
    Also does it work with Google pay with all cards?
    Thanks (edited)
  20. Avatar
    With the coupons, do they apply to the original price or discounted price for the daily picks?
    The discounted price bud (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Does it do standalone GPS for Strava tracking etc?
    From what I can see, doesn't look like it. That's a big no from me. EDIT - does sync to Strava, running at least (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Does it do continual SpO2?
  23. Avatar
    I can't wait for the Smart band 6 deal on December 30th.
    Massive saving of £1 right there.
    That's just a placeholder offer
  24. Avatar
    You need to make a new account with it
  25. Avatar
    What am I doing wrong, I send the £15 invitation to one of my emails, register and it says I do not qualify. Is it picking up on the address that has been previously used?
    It's probably because you're still logged in on an existing account when you click the link. Make sure you log out of the xiaomi website before you follow the email link.
  26. Avatar
    Does this run on wearOS?
  27. Avatar
    How do you get the 15.00 'invite a friend' voucher? It says they have to order something before you get it...or am I reading it wrong?
    Not sure where it says that information but the mods don't like referrals linked in the open.
    They should offer their own if they don't want people to use theirs though imo. £15 off is not to be sniffed at! I use mine all the time (edited)
  28. Avatar
    Space black is not showing as discounted. Only Moon White and Ocean Blue.
  29. Avatar
    Can't get my £15 refer code to work, any ideas?
    I gave up in the end, created multiple accounts, one account shows watch at full price but there was a £15 discount, then the discount disappeared, well done to the ones who mange to get one.
  30. Avatar
    same it just 10£ off
  31. Avatar
    ordered thanks
  32. Avatar
    48519620-7FtLq.jpgDone. But it was strange. Website shows £0, cart shows it is £119, check out shows £55 discount.
    You can't get bored with them 😝… .. I have prices of £119 on one my account and £0 on another account
  33. Avatar
    Thanks everyone got the watch and headphone for less than 60 squids
  34. Avatar
    Wanted the mi smart band 7 pro as it is bit smaller, however couldn't resist for this price. Bought. Thank you (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Thanks ordered with the buds 3 lite for £74. I am assuming NFC works, at least with Curve since that was the main reason I bought it (edited)
    Yep NFC with curve works fine
  36. Avatar
    seems like the white is only in stock now i was rushing around trying to get the invite discount and missed it
  37. Avatar
    Both colours out of stock now, great deal while it lasted
  38. Avatar
    NFC only works with MasterCard?
    no, with curve, so any card can be linked
  39. Avatar
    It might be worth checking later. I didn't realise I checked out and bought one without paying yet.

    Although I did end up buying in the end. So a few may come back in stock (edited)
  40. Avatar
    For anyone with thin wrists like myself, does this feel massive on? Dimensions sound large