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Xiaomi Watch S3 - 1.43”Amoled/600nits/326ppi, GPS/NFC/up to 15 days battery - w/code

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  1. Bobbajob's avatar
    I have had this watch for a few weeks and am reasonably happy with it. Not as big an upgrade over my Huawei GT2 as I'd hoped. Battery lasts about 5 days with everything turned on. I paid about £110 delivered from AliExpress.
  2. Uumode's avatar
    I have this watch with a few bezels. Bluetooth range is exceptional compared to my former S1 and Xiaomi watch. Phone is in the house I'm in the garden! The call quality is better than the S1.
    The messages and notifications usefully persist, unlike the S1 which vapourise when read.

    Has useful contactless payment (like S1) and the battery life for me looks to be nearly 14 days compared to 10 days of the S1

    Sleep tracking is quite good, and you can view the data on your watch unlike the S1. Access to alarms and vibration strength is fairly strong compared to my former watches.

    One thing that sucks for me is not one analogue faces has heart rate on it?! The configurable displays only lets you choose other options like battery life, but not HR. This is a fitness watch for crying out loud. The S1 has plenty of watch faces with heart rate.

    On the bonus side it can calculate your recovery time that you need in hours, where they took that away from the S1.

    The on board watch storage runs out of space on S3, where the S1 watchface memory seems like a bottomless pit, haven't been met with the not enough space message. The watch store has less choices and the quality of the designs aren't quite as good as the S1.

    The watch is rather thick, lacks sapphire glass, and is aluminium I think. The S1 is thinner, with sapphire and stainless steel.

    The rubber strap also shows wear marks, where my S1 strap still looks like new. Of course you can get optional faux leather straps. The S1 included a leather strap.

    I look forward to the S4

    I believe the S3 has a rare combination of long battery life, call capability (S1 can only receive), contactless card payment (with Curve) even has an audio recorder, and can store music and connect to Bluetooth earphones.

    There are also a bunch of UI improvements which make it a more usable watch than the S1 (edited)
  3. robjw_2001's avatar
    52756636-APbAu.jpgI like mine. The straps and bezels are a nice touch.
    Bobbajob's avatar
    Where did you get the bezel? Have you found anywhere cheap?
  4. Myredsock's avatar
    Great deal. I'm thinking either this or for a similar price a Pixel Watch 1 refurb. I have a Pixel phone so I think may go for the latter
    Boringgit's avatar
    2 day battery life if you are lucky on either of the pixel watches - that's the killer for me.
  5. nikCal's avatar
    Had mine for about 3 weeks now. I've charged it once. If you don't use the always on display then it only loses like 10% battery life per day. I had a Samsung before this and hated the nightly charging. I realised I'd never downloaded a single app for it so didn't need a watch to run on the wear platform. This has all the basics functions you need and runs very smoothly.
  6. Gama_Radiation's avatar
    This or the Huawei Watch FIT 3???
    2PeteShakur's avatar
    This if you want nfc
  7. diddytitz's avatar
    So is it just the same as other smartwatches, or can you store music and play it through speaker
    Uumode's avatar
    Yes, or Bluetooth earphones. (But would sound too tinny through the built in speaker and is mono, as do voice calls)
  8. HotDealAlert's avatar
    can you make payment with this as standalone, without the phone?
    Sprintz's avatar
    Great q...hawking (edited)
  9. Joely13's avatar
    As someone that has ridiculously small wrists all these big watches are a nightmare. I would've bit if it wasn't for the size
  10. mohammed_saqibgdq's avatar
    Which operating does it use? And is it possible to receive WhatsApp calls on the watch?
    Uumode's avatar
    Hyper OS proprietary Xiaomi OS

    Can't receive WhatsApp calls as it only has limited preinstalled apps.

    It can only receive WhatsApp messages, not send.
  11. Neo_Zhelev's avatar
    Five years ago, said to myself I would not ever buy smart watch now days there is like 5 around the house.
  12. Lil6ix's avatar
    The Watch 2 uses wear os and has nfc but the you suffer with 1-2 days battery life..
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