Xile Designer Clothing Sale

Xile Designer Clothing Sale

Found 15th Dec 2010
Now I am fully aware that this will not be everyones cup of tea and some of the sizes are limited, but I thought I would share the details of an online store that I use regulary.

They sell everything from Nike to Barbour, Lyle and Scott to Diesel.

They have a store based in both Edinburgh and Glasgow and have won numerous awards. Their delivery service is excellent as well.

Hopefully people can pick up some 'cheap' last minute christmas gifts.

Example of one of the items below.

Half price G-Star jeans


If anyone can buy some of the stuff cheaper please let me know as I use the Xile website often and would buy elsewhere if it can be found for a better price.


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Is the website OK to use?

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Website is fine. Purchased stuff loads of times.

Its an independant store, so the website may not be as flash as some of the bigger fashion stores.

Link is a reveiw of the store and a bit of history


Can anyone else confirm if they have bought of this website?

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Can anyone else confirm if they have bought of this website?

Surely someone else has bought from here. For anyone in Scotland they have had a few Adverts in the Scottish Sun over the last few days. If someone can upload a scan of the advert, I would be greatly appreciated.

People are missing out as there is some really good deals on their site.

I've never bought from them online, but they're a decent company with a couple of stores here in Edinburgh which I have used many times.


They are a great independent fashion company! buy from them all the time. both online and offline. they have a few stores in Edinburgh.
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