Xiomi Mi band 2 £18.27 @ Gearbest

Xiomi Mi band 2 £18.27 @ Gearbest

Found 27th Nov 2016
Here we have another price drop from gearbest for Mi band 2. It's now for only 18.27 with free delivery.
I have bought two of these from them and 3rd one from Ali express.
Nothing much to say about Xiomi and Mi band 2. Personally I would give 4.5/5.
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Getting lower and lower
is it real?......

is it real?......

​good point

​good point

Very good point. Its essential to always check on the Xiaomi website once you've purchased it. Unfortunately, it might be too late then.
Just bought this laptop from GEARBEST and ended up paying an additional $21.52 for the 3-7 days delivery. Gearbest claim to deliver in this time for free but this is a lie.
Why not buy it from dx.com and the ship from EU, you won't get charge then. it's only £2 more.

ps. may I be narked that I posted a deal from Beatport who were offering 50% all sales. It got rejected as they were not a UK site...yet I see gearbest, lightinthebox and others listed.....grrr.
I just received this, had it on for a day and the step going sucks. It's counted 300 steps, in 50 mins when I've been sitting at my desk having a meeting!

Unless I'm doing something wrong... This sucks.

Measured the walk to work and that's completely wrong too, double what the Google maps says it is.
Oh and the battery was 100% at 9am and its now 56% at 19:33 and I haven't even enabled all do the features such as call alerts so I'm not sure how it would last 2 weeks as xiomi claims.
I don't know how it compares to other fitness bands but this one is awful.
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