Xmas Chocolate Calendars, 19p each, Instore @ Lidl

Xmas Chocolate Calendars, 19p each, Instore @ Lidl

Found 4th Dec 2009
Be kind, it's my first deal

Not sure if this is nationwide or not, but Lidl in Sunderland were selling them off 19p each, down from 85p. Different variations in terms of packaging, might not be the best chocolate in the world, but thats about it!

I know its already a few days into december, but at 19p you cant really grumble.

Personally, i bough a couple for the dogs, a nice treat for each day for them, might be a bit sad but oh well, they seem to like them


I've voted this hot, because I'm from Sunderland lol.

THANKS!!! We can't find our kid's felt advent calenders so I've been trolling the shops in vain trying to find some. Will nip down to Lidl now!!!:thumbsup:

BAH HUMBUG!!!:x Local Lidl sold out:cry::cry:

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They say anything in the news just to scare you tbh. We've been feeding the dogs chocolate basically since they were born, and now theyre 12 yr old. They say smoking kills, but yet people smoke 10 a day and live till they are 90.

Kids have these, bought by mean me, and cadbury ones bought by generous grandparents. They prefer the chocs in these, for this price i'd try them too! H+R
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