Xmas Clearance: Many Items now 25p or up to 75% off @ Wilkinson

Xmas Clearance: Many Items now 25p or up to 75% off @ Wilkinson

Found 7th Jan 2010
This is a heads-up for Wilkinson's further Christmas clearance reductions due to start in-store on Thursday 07/01/2010.

Most Christmas lines are already reduced to half-marked price but the next phase of clearing the remaining Christmas stock will see prices slashed by up to 75%; many items are being reduced to just 25p.

The reductions are as follows:

All Christmas Tree Decorations - 25p each
All Foil Garlands - 25p each
All Giftwrap & Tags - 25p each
All Boxed Christmas Cards - 25p each
All Gifting (Ribbons/Bows/Bags) - 25p each
All 2010 Annuals - £1.00 each

Christmas Toiletries Gift Sets - Now 75% off
All Christmas Lights - Now 75% off
Artificial Xmas Wreaths & Garlands - Now 75% off
Christmas Animation (Singing/Dancing Plush) - Now 75% off
Christmas Disposables (Kitchen Roll/Napkins/Tissues) - Now 75% off
Christmas Pet Treats & Toys - Now 75% off
Christmas Confectionery & Festive Food - Now 75% off
Christmas Trees - Now 75% off

Note that Christmas toys will remain on offer at 50% off marked price.

I don't know if this will also be online as all clearance items will be store-specific and sold on a 'when it's gone, it's gone' basis. This will be nationwide from Thursday 7th January.

If I remember anything else, I'll add it shortly.
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Thanks for posting - we went to Wilkos last year around this time and filled our trolley with some cracking bargains
Thanks :thumbsup:
The Xmas stuff that's left at my local wilkos is tat =\
Nothing left in our local one
went last year when it was 10p day, got all my choccies for tree this xmas and new baubles and tinsel, plus all kids cards, spent a fiver and it was a big bag!
if anything still left
Got a bag full of stuff today at the Peterborough store, not a lot left mostly wrapping paper, tags, ribbons, bows, ceiling decorations & a few girls gift sets etc
Would have to agree with some of these comments; this year's Christmas sell-through has been a lot, lot stronger than last year so the 2009/10 left-over pickings are not nearly as rich as those of 12 months ago. There are still some good bits & pieces left to be had; it's just a matter of luck with dropping on the bargains. Some of the wrapping paper is decent, I've bought some to put up the loft ready for Xmas 2010.

Also to note:

Christmas Disposable items were still scanning at 50% off today, not 75% off as I'd previously posted. Also, some electrical grooming items (hair straighteners, hair dryers, clippers, etc) are now reduced too; 50% off IIRC.
went yesterday morning, got a load of xmas cards, paper, bags, bows, decorations,

also had annuals on for £1, them big quality street sweets were about 9p each aswell (was 38p with 75% off), little toy story purses with mallows inside were about 20p,some lovely card holders for 25p loads of stuff left at my local which is Killingworth,
Cowley, Oxford branch still had good selection of wrapping paper for 25p this afternoon. Picked myself up 13 rolls (though not all of them for xmas - some were plain silver/gold, great for birthdays etc). There were also some bows/ribbons going cheap and gift bags. All artificial trees were £5. Didn't seem to the be same frenzy as last year when everyone was stocking up.
Anyone been over to Cardiff store? Is it worth a trip in this nasty weather?!
Just been to Cardiff and there were loads of rolls of paper, bows and Xmas Trees...there were lots of bulbs, some tinsel, baubles and a few bits...they still had a load of toys with 50% off too.....
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