Xmas drinks - 4pk Snowballs reduced to £1.98 at Asda (originally £3.98)

Xmas drinks - 4pk Snowballs reduced to £1.98 at Asda (originally £3.98)

Found 21st Nov 2008
I noticed in my local Asda yesterday that Snowball 4pks have been reduced from £3.98 to £1.98 - less than 50p per bottle! I bought some to put in Xmas stockings for my friends :-)
They also have the same half price deal on Cherry B 4pks (now £2.00).

Hope this is useful for someone!
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hi my sister likes this! Will get some for her. thanks
These are yummy, shame the bottles are so tiny. A highball glass takes two of these bottles and still room left over!
Advocaat, lemonade and a twist of fresh lime.

We always make our own snowballs at chrissy - real big bug*ers too! Probably works out more expensive than this deal too... hmmm

Edit: Okay so I'd need to make at least 12 snowballs from a bottle of Warninks, a bottle of good lemonade, and a couple of limes to match the deal above... Now there's a challenge! One I'm willing to pass up. Good deal tho. HOT
i normally don't drink alcohol but i love these at christmas
thanks for this! Picked a couple of packs up tonight :santa:
Does anybody know what precentage these are ? X
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