XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker (2nd Gen) - £18.27 delivered @ Amazon
XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker (2nd Gen) - £18.27 delivered @ Amazon

XMI X-mini II Mini Speaker (2nd Gen) - £18.27 delivered @ Amazon

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I got myself one of these a few weeks back, seriously great sound for its tiny size, tempted to get another one and buddy-jack them. Details below as to why this isn't your regular portable speaker...

Manufacturer's Description
Ever since the X-Mini Capsule Speaker appeared in 2008, we have been completely blown away by the absolutely astounding sound quality and volume that these little gems produce! The X-Mini Capsule Speaker regularly stops customers in their tracks at our retail store, people cannot believe that what they are hearing is eminating from these handy pocket sized units.
So when we heard that XMI the company responsible for the X-Mini, was launching a new version, we were suitably excited!

We are very glad to report that the X-Mini II doesn't disappoint, again the boffins have succeeded in getting a Quart out of a Pint pot!

Retaining all of the best features from the groundbreaking first generation unit, the second generation comes with a number of innovations that combine to create a greater audio experience for the user.

Larger Driver.
The first and most recognisable difference with the X-Mini II is that it's slighly larger than the original model. The X-Mini II now boasts a 40mm driver, that delivers an even richer and fuller sound.

Longer Battery Life.
The X-Mini II now boasts an improved battery life, a staggering 11 hours of continuous playback from just one charge.

"Buddy Jack" Design.
A brand new feature to the X-Mini II is the "Buddy Jack" system. This allows you to connect one X-Mini II to another and another and... well, you get the picture. Capable of forming a near endless "Daisy Chain". Combine your X-Mini II with your friend's for quite simply jaw dropping audio!

Built In 3.5mm Audio Connection.
The refinement of the original X-Mini continues with the inclusion of an inbuilt 3.5mm audio connection cable. No more running the risk of forgetting to pack the charging/connection lead when you leave... the connection cable is always in reach. The audio cable neatly slips away underneath the speaker when not in use.


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I've never seen these before but they look ace! I shall order one and report back. Thanks for the link! :-)

Normally I would find that fishy, but given that it is not a marketplace seller it has to be worth a try!

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Thanks lads, post back when you get 'em.

One difference I had with mine, is that the tweeter had a black enamel paint job rather than the red one in the pic. Battery life is excellent, out of the box mine lasted almost a week, I've recharged it just the once so far.

Cool, mine has shipped and will be with me tomorrow. I kind of hope that it is red as that looks quite groovy.

Well it has arrived today and I have to say that I am very impressed with it. I am not going to fawn over it as much as I thought I might as the speaker appears to be of a lower quality compared to those used by some logic devices (Example: amazon.co.uk/MIP…6K2) however the unit itself is fantastic. Well thought out, seriously compact (much, much smaller than I was expecting!) and when expanded (not something I realised it did) the sound is still very pleasing. I can only imagine how much better it would sound with more units attached.

I was going to order another but the price has gone up to £19.99 from Amazon now so I shall keep an eye on it and order again when it drops.

Thanks again for the tip Nookster, I can only begin to start to think of all the places where I can use this. It definitely will be coming with me when I go on holiday as it will be great for using in hotel rooms and the like.

Some Pics - they are not great but give you an idea!





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Aww... you got the red dot!

Pretty neat eh? By the way, the buddy jack doesn't appear to be limited to another mini - it seems to be a straight line out (pretty much unheard of on a micro speaker!) headphones or anything else goes into it, could plug in those cheap JBL On Tour speakers or anything else you have for added oomph.

My OH loves mine and wants one now , calls it a Gonad.
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