Xmini Capsual Speaker £9.99 @ Play.com
Xmini Capsual Speaker £9.99 @ Play.com

Xmini Capsual Speaker £9.99 @ Play.com

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Built in rechargeable battery, rubber coated, compresses down, windup cord + nice pouch.
Original: Unlike most lower quality knockoffs at similar or higher prices.
Got one yesterday & me likes. You only get one.
Great for mobile or bedside music/audio books/podcasts.

Beware of the many ubiquitous fakes:

Repost lynching mob NB: Searched but couldn't find except 7 month old post at £14.99.


I have heard these and they are pretty good but I would recommend ]these for an extra £8. Whole different league.

I'm a speaker addict and I own most models of portable speakers. The X-Mini has a very good sound although it's not that powerful, but it is very portable. I use it a lot at work. It's very cool with its extending bass pocket thingy, and for the size, the sound coming from it is remarkable, and loud enough.

The Altec Lansing is a decent portable speaker, some decent sound and good bass. There's a new model of the Lansing speaker available now or soon. I'll probably want that too.

None are a patch on my Saitek A-100 pocket speaker though, which is an awesome piece of kit and now sadly completely unavailable anywhere as far as I can tell.

Still good price for the X-Mini. I'd recommend it.

£12.99 now.
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