Xpertvision 8500GT Sonic edition 256MB 128bit DDR3 DVI TVO PCI-E - £50.68  delivered

Xpertvision 8500GT Sonic edition 256MB 128bit DDR3 DVI TVO PCI-E - £50.68 delivered

Found 30th Jul 2007
This seems to be a great value card - reasonably powerful yet not too expensive - seems to hit a good balance and power:cost ratio.£50.68 delivered.

Redefine your gaming reality with NVIDIA® SLI-Ready DirectX® 10 GeForce® 8500 graphics processing units (GPUs). Value-priced GeForce® 8500GT Sonic graphics card is overclocked to provide 25% boosted performance compared to the default GeForce® 8500GT. Superb for driving an optimum Microsoft® Windows Vista experience, GeForce® 8500GT Sonic runs Vista features quickly and seamlessly, allows you to play the latest DirectX® 9 and DirectX® 10 games.


I need a new graphics card because I my graphics card's fan is way too loud. I have thought about nVidia. Just wondering if this fan is loud?

If you're concerned about noise, just get a graphics card that uses a heatsink instead of a fan (there's plenty of them about).

Most cards, like the 8500GT come in both fan and sinky versions

I need a GFX card in the price range of around that £50. I searched on Google product of 8500gt and heatsink, they cost £75.
Anyways I'm on Windows Vista Ultimate my graphics card is an ATI X1300 the graphics card subscore is 3.5 and the rest like ram are around 4.9. I'm thinking of switching to Nvidia. I dont always play games but occasionally. What would be the best Graphics card for me?

Whats the other specs of your system?

Can anyone explain why they are voting cold?? It looks a good buy to me! That said im ok about other pc components but graphics are not that important part of pc use for me as i stick to consoles for gaming!

Just replaced my 8500GT with a 2600XT from ebuyer for 63 pounds delivered. I believe it's much more powerful for games, and more importantly for my purposes it can do advanced deinterlacing on 1080i h264.

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Where's the justice - everybody voting this card cold whereas a more expensive and similar (if not inferior) card is voted hot hotukdeals.com/for…094

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

heated a bit back. Why is this colder than the pny one?


Sub £100, 1950x range seems superior bang for buck wise.


Sub £100, 1950x range seems superior bang for buck wise.

not comparable, it's not directx10.

Nonetheless, this card is junk, a complete rip-off for £50, and the ATI 2600 Pro is a far better buy.

See some benchmarks here:


Better card, same supplier, £2.98 more:

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