XPV Robotic Air Defence - Radio controlled flying robot - £24.95 @ tesco

XPV Robotic Air Defence - Radio controlled flying robot - £24.95 @ tesco

Found 22nd Feb 2008
Thanks to the original post earlier today by Topshopper, I came across this which I thought worthy of its own post. I bought my son the XPV NightHawk plane for Christmas and they are totally awesome ! One of their best features is that you only need to buy batteries for the handset; the plane/robot itself has a built in lithium battery which once charged provides plenty of flying time..... And fly they do ! ! .... upto 30mph and easily reaching 200ft..... just make sure you go to a big, big open field to learn how to master them....
Here's the official description:

The Ultimate RC Robot that drives flies and even talks! Capable of performing amazing aerial stunts, the RAD XPV flies up to 30 MPH and can go over 20 stories high with a flight range of over 300 feet. The super-light styling is inspired by real stealth planes. With twin turbo engine design, the robot has user-controlled speaking and missile sounds. Watch as his eyes light up when he speaks.

Detachable blaster included. 2 Channel controller. Includes fist aid vehicle repair kit. Made with impact resistant material. Built-in, rechargeable 7.4V Lithium Ion Polymer Battery. Includes XPV Fuel System that also charges USB devices.

It's still selling for £100 @ Hamleys - see this



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I bought one of these from PC world Direct. When it arrived, the box had clearly been opened and resealed, and surprise surprise, then plane did not perform anywhere near as well as promised.
Sent it back for full refund.

I'm trying again with this one as it really does look to be a brilliant product when it works and at this price is a bargain.

I saw this in Toys R Us too last week for around a hundred quid.

It is worth a pound

I got my son one for £25 from Boots, for his Birthday. First nice clear calm day we took it out. Crashed it twice and some important bits fell off - like wheels!! Sent it back for a full refund.



Got my son one for xmas. Was £39.99 at Home Bargains. Claimed to go about 20 stories high. I guarantee you they dont even leave the ground.


Wow how lucky you are.

We know 2 other people who got these none of which would even leave the floor. Took ours to an open field. Even threw it up to give it a start and im afraid they dont defy the law of gravity.
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