Xufeng XF50QDT-2 Electric Scooter ONLY 399.99 @ Expansys

Xufeng XF50QDT-2 Electric Scooter ONLY 399.99 @ Expansys

Found 9th Oct 2009
Do you want the best of both worlds - to save cash by dodging the cost of petrol, and to be more environmentally friendly by reducing emissions? The Xufeng XF50QDT-2 helps you to do both!

This eco-friendly, 100% electric scooter is no slouch when it comes to performance. The 1500 watt motor delivers ample torque to fulfill even the most demanding drivers' need to zip in and out of traffic. You can drive as fast as 30mph (50km/h) and as far as 40 miles, all with no noise, no exhaust fumes and no need to pay for petrol! Plus, electric scooters are exempt from vehicle tax (though you will still need a 'free' tax disc yearly) and congestion charges. And, many cities reward eco-friendly vehicle owners with free parking. This truly is an all around good alternative to driving or public transport!
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If I lived just a couple of miles closer to london I'd buy this. It's just that I dont fancy doing 30mph down the A12 if (for once) it's flowing at full speed. Good deal though
There's a thread on MSE about the scooter (it's been this price for a while). Worth reading if considering buying:


HTH - Rufus.
If I could easily access the power point in my flat this would be a tempting prospect.
Been posted before.
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