Xvirus Personal Firewall PRO [for PC]

Xvirus Personal Firewall PRO [for PC]

Found 6th Oct 2016
Xvirus Personal Firewall PRO is a lightweight, easy-to-use firewall for Windows. With features such as blocking untrusted programs, network monitor, ransom checker, and cloud check, Xvirus Personal Firewall PRO provides you with everything you need for additional protection against hackers — without slowing down your computer.

Protects you from hackers

Manage program’s access to the internet

Easy to use and light

Protects you from malware

Protects you from ransomware

Cloud Protection
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If I remember correctly, you will need to install .NET 4.0 and it has stability issues.
seems like Mailware to me
don't be too tough guys - it has "cloud protection"
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