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Posted 19 November 2022

Yale Conexis Smart Lock £152 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

It comes on offer once a year I've noticed, that time is now. Unlikely to drop lower this year.

Black Friday deal.
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    I suggest you read the Q & A before buying there are lots of issues with door showing unlocked after locking, Locked out when batteries fail etc etc
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    I’ve got a few of these. They are brilliant and I’d never go back to having a key.
    @Web_wizard how long have you been using these? have you ever had any issues?
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    Thanks - been holding out on getting this. The wife will not be impressed in another gadget - but at least I can lock the sister-in-law out
    Does it work on mother-in-law's too?
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    My brother has this fitted, no problems as far as I know
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    It actually dropped in price. It is now £150 and black can be had for £144.50
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    I was interested after watching the video but 2 things put me off.

    1 The size of the internal fitting is massive and looks quite ugly.

    2.What happens if your key is lost, stolen, so you have nothing to get in with, maybe Im missing something.
    Isn’t it a digital key?
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    I love gadgets but this is where I'm not willing to commit, they have way too many flaws and issues to be reliable and secure

    Also it's a thumb turn on the inside of the door, tools exist to fish these through your letterbox and pull the handle to get in (edited)
    The thumb-turn has to be pressed in at the right point then turned to unlock.
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    Just to address the negative comments, I too was a little concerned by this. I haven't bought one myself as it's difficult to access my back door (need to jump the garden fence). I probably wouldn't buy this as my only way to access the house, I wouldn't put one on every door in the house for that reason too.
    I'm going to get one once I put a door into my rear garden so I can use the back door if there is a failure with this. (edited)
    Just been looking at the Yale Linus, which is also discounted. I've had the front door replaced since I fitted an ultion, so the Ultion does y fit the new door.

    The Linus is fitted on the inside of the door only, allowing you to use your key still.

    I'm looking into if it works with Smartthings without any additional purchase, as at this price it's cheaper than another Ultion.
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    £179.99 on Amazon now 👎🏻
    Just ordered direct from Yale for £150 though
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    Anybody know where I can get replacement cassettes my handle won’t return unless physically moved it can only be them ?