Yale SR320 Smart Home Alarm System - £250 at Homebase Instore

Yale SR320 Smart Home Alarm System - £250 at Homebase Instore

Found 17th Feb 2017
I've been looking for a deal on the latest Yale Smart Alarm and this was the cheapest I could find the SR320 version (£290 on Amazon or £259.99 at Costco online but out of stock)

Instore only, but I can find stock in most stores near me to reserve and collect.

This model includes:

1x Smart Hub
1x Siren
1x Keypad
2x PIR Motion Detector
1x Door and Window Contact
Fixing pack and batteries

You can arm/disarm and configure the alarm via a smartphone and also add additional accessories. I also bought a 3x pet sensor PIR pack from Amazon for £73 and an additional keypad for £25. You can also add a PIR image camera that camptures images and displays on smartphone.

This model uses the 868MHz frequency that is tightly controlled, meaning a clearer channel with less interference.

No idea how easy it is to set up - that's this weekends job once I've ripped out the existing wired alarm
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Reviews have mentioned there to be lots of issues with their smart alarm range. The unreliability of the app to actually work is a slight concern. If possible OP, I'd refund the system and just get their telephony alarm system. It's much better from personal experience.
From the reviews I've read (mainly Amazon) the biggest issues are the documentation & how to set it up but most people seem pretty happy once it is set up. I guess you need to be fairly tech savvy if you are going to install this type of alarm system.

Also, they have recently launched a new app - Yale Smart Home Living (the old app is Yale Home System Professional) and this new app seems to solve issues with the old app, albeit there are currently limited reviews and some functionality has not yet made it over to the new app, but at least it shows that Yale are taking concerns seriously and are working on it.

I wanted the smart system because I prefer to receive emails / text messages than telephone calls, especially when I'm on holiday in remote places and a text is more likely to reach me than a phone call.
Had one for three years with no major issues. Found it easy to set up and the app has never been an issue, reliable and easy to use. Most time was spent fitting the bell box out of harms way.
Don't rip out the old wired system wiring. Wireless systems are great but you can't beat a wired system. How many people replace batteries in smoke alarms as soon as they start to warn they need replacing? Just take them out then forget. Not everyone but some do. It's the same with wireless alarms, unless they are serviced and batteries swapped regularly they won't be as good as a wired system.
The devices of this system give you a low battery indication, just as you point out for smoke alarms, before they stop working and as you are right to point out some people will just ignore or remove them. Can't beat the Darwin model. However these are standard over the counter, unlike the professionally installed systems, so you can change them yourself. Completely agree that a wired system is more reliable in that you don't have that worry about flat batteries and is also cheaper to run in the long term but for a retro fit or expansion then wireless probably wins for most people.
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I did think long and hard about whether to keep the wired system, but it currently shows "mains fault - check" and we don't even know the code (we inherited the system with the house). We have a cat, so need pet sensors in some of the rooms, and the house needs a bit of modernisastion which will happen bit by bit. So we'd have to get an alarm engineer out now to sort the current problems and then several more times as we knock through walls and need to resite the PIR's etc.

In my previous house, the cat often set off the PIR in the living room when she jumped on the window ledge and knocked the vertical blinds. It started to happen so often that I stopped setting the alarm altogether... I know that pet sensors aren't always the best, and I figure with the wireless system it's easier to tinker around and move PIR's if the cat consistently sets them off. In the long run, if PIR's aren't going to work in those rooms, I can just disable them from the system myself and rely on window/door sensors. I can also take them off easily to re-plaster, decorate etc etc. The cat is ageing and in a couple of years I can easily upgrade my PIR's, probably to the fancy camera ones that take a piccy of the intruder that has triggered the alarm.

The reviews on the internet are mixed, but it took me less than an hour to program the system (I've yet to site the PIR's) and I found it pretty straight forward. I've also saved the hassle and stress of researching and finding a decent alarm engineer for a fair price that I could trust - the internet is a minefield.

With the app I have the ability to arm / disarm the alarm while I'm at work, and the notifications from the app and the text messages are pretty awesome tbh. It makes the wired alarm I used in my old house feel antique.

Yes, I will have to replace the batteries every 1-2 years but that's a minor hassle for the cost that I paid for the alarm and I'd rather do this myself than pay an alarm engineer to come out and service.

Total £350 which included the main system, the extra keypad and a further 3x pet PIR's.

so - am i buying this or not lol - i can easily set things like this up and i dont have a hard telephone line in the house - my old wired alarm system doesnt work and needs a major overhaul - is this any good? hard to find proper reviews on it
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