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Posted 4 September 2022

Yale YCUL2/13/230/1 - Standard Security Combination Bike Lock 230mm - U Lock - Ultra Hardened Shackle , Black £15.99 @ Amazon

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Brand Yale
Lock type Combination Lock
Item dimensions L x W x H 14 x 115 x 230 millimetres
Material Alloy Steel, Rubber
Style Standard Security U Lock
Colour Black
ULTRA HARDENED SHACKLE and crossbar for maximum cut and impact resistance
DOUBLE RUBBER BUMPER for protection against scratches
COMBINATION: Switch to a Yale Combination U-lock, and lose the keys for good.
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    All bike locks are useless I had my e bike stolen from my garage they cut through two heavy duty locks and chains using an angle grinder. I looked on YouTube for best bike lock and none can with stand an angle grinder it just takes them a few more seconds to cut through 😡 (edited)
    Agreed. I have 2 expensive bicycles stolen. Ones they cut through 2 heavy duty D type locks, second time they cut stand and took everything including locks. Now basically bike lives in flat and I never leave my bicycle unattended. Best security, never take your hands of the bike.
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    Anyone seriously wanting to secure their bike. Don’t get anything other than an abus granit xtreme 59 it’s the only lock than will genuinely cause people problems trying to open and an angle grinder will take minutes instead of seconds to get through them. They’re expensive but if you’re looking at genuinely securing your bike, spend the money.
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    It wouldn't last 5 minutes with the local scumbags in Stockton on Tees or Middlesbrough.

    The solution don't buy anything that is nice and or expensive. It only leads to envy and theft.
    Or move to a different area
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    Reviews are poor. Key breaks, holder breaks.
    Unusual for a bike security lock where you want it to be secure, some owners complained that they could not open the lock with the key!
    I think you might be taking about a different product....
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    Dont buy a combination bike lock, keys are better, a friend once showed me how easy it is to figure out the combination by twisting and pulling on the rings for play to guess the combination.
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    Serious question...how long will this keep off a bike thief?
    Depends on how you lock it, thieves can sometimes use the leverage of the bike to twist this type of lock and it snaps.
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    Shame this isn't sold secure - maybe try the high security one?
    Agreed. Bike might not be insured if lock not sold secure accredited. (edited)
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    A serious tea leaf will get it regardless of the lock but these things stop the opportunist thief. Same with anything valuable if they want it they will take it .
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    this is safer

    this is safer
    6668087111662355002.jpg (edited)
    The outer shell is aluminium, so I'd be curious to see how well one of those stands up to a competent person equipped with a good old fashioned hacksaw, could either switch to a carbide blade to cut through the hardened steel U inside, or cut enough aluminium away to make room for the angle grinder gearbox.

    Here's another lock claims to be angle grinder resistant too, thanks to its use of graphene base ferosafe:- hiconsumption.com/hip…ck/

    But, I seriously doubt anyone considering a combination lock would be in the market for either. (edited)
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    I need a bike lock and this looks good for the price, thanks
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    can this go in cabin baggage?
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    Cheap locks are better than nothing, but check your insurance requirement - very few will cover you if the bike isn't locked with a Sold Secure Silver or Gold rated lock. AFAIK Sold Secure will not give a rating to a combination lock because they're too easy to get around.
    It'll do as a cheap deterrent - probably better than a cable lock that can be cut with wire cutters or a chain that compact bolt cutters will deal with - but a cheap lock is no more than a deterrent to casual thieves. Don't rely on it.