Yamaha 2.5hp 4 stroke outboard engine Long shaft - £458.76 @ French Marine

Yamaha 2.5hp 4 stroke outboard engine Long shaft - £458.76 @ French Marine

Found 23rd Jul 2010
Yamaha 2.5hp 4 stroke outboard engine Long shaft (Special offer) £458.76

These seem to be priced over £500 elsewhere.

Product information

Special offer: This engine is a new engine with full warranty but is last seasons stock - prices are only valid while stocks last

Long Shaft

The Powerful Four Stroke Portables! From its launch, the remarkable smoothness, power and economy of the original F4 was a revelation to owners of small boats around the world. Thanks to Yamaha’s pioneering technology, here at last was a capable, reliable, lightweight and stylish four-stroke motor that was a joy to use and a pleasure to own. The F2.5, F4, F6 and F8 share the very same frugal attitude to fuel consumption, the same safe, simple controls and operating systems, the same vibration-free reliability. They all make life more relaxing too, because they’ll give you the confidence you need to explore and enjoy your boating to the full. The superb handling and manoeuvrability, the rugged, professional feel of the controls and the way you know she’ll start easily first time, every time, all add up to bring a new dimension to small boat adventures. And the incredible portability of these well-balanced engines, with their large, comfortable carry-handles, will be another revelation. Just choose the power output most suited to your sort of boating (it’s the perfect yacht auxiliary, by the way) and you’ll know you’ve got the best and most trusted ‘friend’ money can buy. Your Yamaha
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Is this petrol or diesel?
Industrial foodmixer?
I was thinking hedge trimmer myself.

pity the short shaft is more
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