Yamaha ATS1050 (Black) Soundbar £119 @ richersounds

Yamaha ATS1050 (Black) Soundbar £119 @ richersounds

Found 22nd Mar
Cheapest I've seen this for £119

Giving a big, spacious sound from a sleek all-in-one unit, the Yamaha ATS1050 is a quality soundbar.

AIR SURROUND XTREME for wrap around sound
Making a single soundbar sound more like a surround sound speaker pack, the ATS1050 features Yamaha's exclusive AIR SURROUND XTREME. Using 24kHz HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) technology it manages to clearly separate sounds from the front, rear and sides of you. The effect gives 7.1-channel surround sound, without the need for extra speakers.

Built-in subwoofer for powerful bass
As well as sounding more spacious than the average soundbar, the ATS1050 sounds bassier, too. With dual-cone subwoofers built-in and a bass reflex cabinet, the Yamaha ATS1050 provides a solid bass response that's a league above just about any TV speaker system. Finally, that big TV picture is matched by an equally big sound.

Clearer sound
With some movie soundtracks, especially where there's a lot going on, it can be hard to hear the dialogue. Thanks to the Yamaha's Clear Voice feature it's now much easier to follow speech.

Bluetooth connectivity
With an onboard Bluetooth receiver, the ATS1050 is ideally equipped for streaming music from your smartphone or other compatible device. Simply pair the device and stream your stored or streaming music service via Bluetooth. Thanks to Bluetooth, the ATS-1050 doesn't just improve your TV's sound, but it makes the most of your music, too.

Easy app control
The Yamaha ATS1050 can be conveniently controlled by Yamaha's free HT Controller app. Available for both Android and iOS the app lets you change a variety of settings, such as input selection, surround mode and sound adjustment modes.

Flexible positioning
Designed to work equally well either in front of your TV on a shelf or mounted on the wall, the ATS1050 is a flexible performer. The optimal origination of sound can be changed at the flick of a switch.
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Good price, shame no Which review? Samsung soundbars tend to do best on Which?
Yamaha soundbars are very good in my opinion. While they often lack the odd feature here and there and aren't always the prettiest, they more than make up for it in sound quality and clarity.

We have two (other Yam models) in our house and are always a first port of call if people ask me for recommendations (that don't need a sub especially). In fairness though, Samsung have closed the gap sharply in the last few years.
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ontheqt40 m ago

Good price, shame no Which review? Samsung soundbars tend to do best on …Good price, shame no Which review? Samsung soundbars tend to do best on Which?

There is a review here topsoundbars.net/sou…0bl
120 watt ?.....ok but not great,my Panasonic is 120w,you could have it turned up full with some movies with lower sound levels.
No online delivery. In store only. Shame as there's no store near me
rio6009 m ago

No online delivery. In store only. Shame as there's no store near me

Give them a ring and ask them if you can order one for delivery for the same price as there is no store near you they are pretty good and may do it for you
Was really tempted by this but put off by no hdmi... Can't ask for too much given the price!
I picked mine up from the Chester store on Friday after work. Sure its no substitute for a proper hi-fi surround setup but for £120 you can't complain. I think you would struggle to find more quality bang for your buck.
I think that the ats-1050 is the US version of the yas-105. The latest version is the yas-107 which has HDMI but currently twice as much.

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