Yamaha CRX 550 mini-hifi £129.95 @ Richer Sounds

Yamaha CRX 550 mini-hifi £129.95 @ Richer Sounds

Found 12th Jun 2015
A bit cheaper alternative to recently posted Denon DM39. iPod dock (old style) is a bonus.
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Thanks, could do with a new microwave.
no place to put your helmet
To continue with the crappy jokes line of posting...

Thanks needed a new vhs player

no place to put your helmet

3.5mm headphone jack?
had this unit a couple of years and matched up with a decent pair of speakers (mine are Monitor Audio) it produces excellent sound which wipes the floor with the style over substance kit (Sonos, Bose etc.)
but nowhere near the quality and musicality of the Denon DM39 that was only a few £ more.
But its still a good buy when compared to Amstrad Crown JVC etc - only trouble is those that would buy that stuff won't like it as it doesnt have flashy light and meaningless displays etc and would know the difference in quality of sound and almost certainly prefer the BOOM to real bass.
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