Yamaha CRXM170 - Mini Hi-fi - £149.99

Yamaha CRXM170 - Mini Hi-fi - £149.99

Found 1st Apr 2007
Yamaha's DAB Micro Component System combines some of the latest radio technology and sound quality within a stylish and compact unit.

Award-winning Mini Hi-fi with DAB radio, CD player, etc. Best price I can find by some distance - any better prices?

Use the Empire DIrect code for £15 off (you could save more if you want to pay in September) and go through Quidco for an extra 2%.

Oooops, I thought the Empire Stores code were the same, so not quite the discount I said...there's a code for £5 off over £150 if you can find something cheap enough to make it worthwhile!

Sorry! Still, you won't find it anywhere cheaper!
- greenfeld

£149.99 + £4.99 (delivery) = £154.98
- alien7
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I tried one recently and it sounded great but I'm advised that the speakers they make for it aren't too hot. I fancy it but have no need for the CD player - I am looking for something to run my Mac Mini through for music and films, plus with connectivity for Gamecube, VCR, etc. Using Bose Acoustimass 3 speakers.
mmm, I'm not sure it comes with speakers at all
It's a HiFi seperate by the look of it, so wouldn't come with speakers and I would also go for a different brand too.
So, how exactly did you get that price?
I went to the site, the price is £149.99+£4.99 delivery=£154.98.
Also: what is the £15off code, I couldn't find it? Thanks.
Check the vouchers section for Empire Direct and look for £15 or 10%.

It can be bought as a set, though this one comes without speakers.

Check the vouchers section for Empire Direct and look for £15 or 10%.

Already checked, nothing there.
The only voucher available is £5 off anything over and including £150.
How about you provide a working voucher or edit the price?!?
Description and price changed! Duh

Description and price changed! Duh

You need to edit one more time:
Total price: £149.99+£4.99 delivery=£154.98 ;-)
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