Yamaha F310-BP Acoustic Guitar Pack - now £94.89 @ Argos

Yamaha F310-BP Acoustic Guitar Pack - now £94.89 @ Argos

Found 23rd May 2010
Superb price for this beginner acoustic.

For less than £95 you get a pretty solid guitar PLUS an electronic tuner, 3 plectrums, strap and a spare set of strings.


60 reviews on the Argos site and 5-stars all round.

Get in.
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I've had this kit for a couple of years now. I don't think much of the accessories that come with it but its an excellent guitar for beginners or a good one for the more experienced. I've heard friends, that are more experienced than me, compare the sound quality and playing action to guitars 3 or 4 times its price.

I'm not going to vote on it as I don't know if £95 is a good price or not these days as I think this exact kit was only £79 when I got mine, but there again, everything costs more these days.
Seems to be a good price as £110-120 ]elsewere. I checked some of the prices showing approx £95 and they were more expensive when clicked though.
Agree with the comment that this used to be much cheaper - selling for under £80 on Amazon at the beginning of last year. Still a good price in today's market but typical of the underlying price inflation that we have suffered as the value of the pound has fallen. These are good value - but if you do have a local shop selling musical instruments do compare what they have to offer - not least the advice that they can give. It is usually worth replacing the strings and checking the action after a few weeks use.
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