Yamaha NS-150 - 3-Way Bass-Reflex Tower Loudspeakers - £55.98 @ Empire Direct -DELIVERED!

Yamaha NS-150 - 3-Way Bass-Reflex Tower Loudspeakers - £55.98 @ Empire Direct -DELIVERED!

Found 22nd Dec 2008
Yamaha NS-150 - floorstanding speakers
# Was: £149.99
# Save: £100

Recommended Usage: Main Channel
13cm PMD LF Cone Woofer
13cm PMD subLF Cone Woofer with Catenary Curve Shape
Tweeter: 3cm Silk Dome Tweeter
Magnetic Shielding
Gold-Plated 2-Way Binding-Post Speaker Terminals
Bi-Wiring Connection Capability
Input Power (Max/Nominal): 300 W/100 W
Frequency Response: 4035,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 89 dB/2.83 V/m
Impedance: 6 ohms
Dimensions (W x H x D): 168 x 850 x 269mm
Weight: 14.5 kg/unit

1 Year Parts Guarantee/1 Year Labour Guarantee

more info. - yamaha.co.jp/eng…tml
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Mint, SOLD
those are nice! cant enjoy that sort of thing when i have young children though- ill have to stick to my little satellite speakers

those are nice! cant enjoy that sort of thing when i have young children … those are nice! cant enjoy that sort of thing when i have young children though- ill have to stick to my little satellite speakers

Any reviews for these?

Any reviews for these?

I think you can't go wrong at this price! It is Yamaha :whistling:

I think you can't go wrong at this price! It is Yamaha :whistling:

ha ha good point
They've gone up! :x
122.99 now!
yep, that didn't last long.

They've gone up! :x122.99 now!

God damn it!!! :x
ordered just in time
hope actually get it tho now
I ordered a pair too. Just what i needed for my Yamaha amp, as I'm using ****** Eltax speakers.

Fingers crossed we get them!
does ne1 know of a cheapish dolby amp to go with these ??
i was looking at richersounds.com/sho…880
i only got one. i thought they sold them as a pair.

i only got one. i thought they sold them as a pair.

Same here. I've just been in touch with them and am now waiting for a call back from their customer support centre. Will see what they say.

Other speakers actually had "Qty: 2" on the respective pages, whereas this one didn't. However, there were clearly two speakers in the illustration and the article description said "speakers. Also, who would buy just one or, for that matter, expect them to be sold single??

Problem I see is that they now have no more stock, so even if they wanted to send a second one f.o.c, that might not be possible. So this will probably come down to cancelling the order and returning the thing for a refund. Shame though ...

If anyone else out there is in touch with E/D re. this, please let's hear the results. Thanks.
im waiting for a call from them as well to see what they say.so let us know.
I can't believe this! :x

I'm still waiting for delivery of mine.

Does anyone have a cache of the items webpage or it's url?

How was it supplied?. Did the box and instructions only list 1 speaker?
i had a phonecall today saying they had run out of stock so my order had been cancelled, at least they had the grace to call me and explaine. Looking at some of these comments about getting just 1 speaker maybe i did get lucky after all !!
when my delivery arrived it was just one box.when i spoke to customer service they said the warehouse was dealing with it.i have never seen a place were they sell speaker each.so i only have one ,when i spoke to them the lady at customer service said the spaekers had been discontinued.so i dont know whats going to happen.when they listed the item the discription was speakers which means a pair.
Thanks for the reply
Don't bother phoning folks - lines now closed for Christmas.

What a crock. What am I supposed to do with one speaker?
Lets just keep updating this thread and posting any info in the next few days.

Hopefully some people have had a returned phone call off them earlier today, and will post when they're back online.

Worst case senario.... They won't offer a refund and free pick up of the return item. We would then have to send back the item within 7 days of delivery and pay for return postage charges (around £30-40 due to weight) to even have a chance of a refund according to their terms and conditions. :x

If that is the case, then i won't be bothering with that. I'm willing to fight this, and will have to read up on ]The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

I'll be ringing them anyway, the first day available.
Fight For Your Rights! It Was Speakers (not F%^&*& Speaker!)
got a phone call on tuesday christmas eve i am getting a refund and they are picking it up on monday the 5th of january for free.warehouse are the one dealing with it.so i will get the money once they recive their speaker back.
hi guys if anyone once to sell their speaker i will buy it of you including the postage aswell.let us know.or if you leave around the m25 area i can collect.thanks
Apologies for the delay in coming back to this - was away for Xmas.
ED customer services agreed to pick up the one box on 5 Jan at their expense. The lady in customer services actually apologized for their mistake. Might be down to the fact that Yamaha packed these as one (rather than a pair) per box.
I had an absolutely shocking experience with their customer services. Took 5 calls just to get them to agree to pick it up. Utterly useless & no apology for the false advertising.
Me too.

They only just picked up my parcel today, and now i have to still wait for the refund.

I sent an email ages ago, got a reply 2 weeks ago from them saying the would pick up the item, and what would be the best time to collect. I instantly replied saying any day or time is fine as someone is always home. One week later, still no reply or pick up. I send another email saying they havn't replied, and i want a quick conclusion to this pain in the backside. 5 days later they reply confirming a pick up date.

I will never use this hack company again!
well if you sent your speaker back i dont know when you will get your money back the company as gone bust.

Mark Firmin and Richard Fleming, both of KPMG LLP, were appointed in the High Court as Joint Administrators of Empire Direct Plc on 19 January 2009. The business is unable to trade in administration due to low stock levels and operating losses and accordingly the stores have been closed. The administrators are working hard to assess the position for customers who have made payments and not received goods. We will endeavour to contact these customers over the next few weeks.

Anyone interested in acquiring any part of the business should contact the administrators forthwith.

If you are a customer then please call the helpline on 08714729000. If you are a supplier then please call the helpline on 08714729001. Alternatively you can send an email to orderqueries@empiredirect.co.uk.

Please note that emails will be responded to as soon as possible, however this may not be on the same day that we receive your query.

The affairs, business and property of Empire Direct Plc are being managed by the Joint Administrators

The Joint Administrators act as agents of the company and contract without personal liability

Mark Granville Firmin is authorised to act as an insolvency practitioner by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales Richard Dixon Fleming is authorised to act as an insolvency practitioner by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.
the company has gone bust.
I just had the delivery company try to deliver the parcel back today. I had to explain that it's a bloody return which myself and the driver have a receipt for. Morons!

the company has gone bust.

Just checked their website. Right this is getting beyond annoying now, No speaker, and now probally no refund. Time to contact citizens advice.
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