YAMAHA NSF51 £169.95 @ RicherSounds

YAMAHA NSF51 £169.95 @ RicherSounds

Found 30th Nov 2015
6 years warranty and free delivery to UK

This is better than the last deal - Tannoy Mercury V4 149.90 £ ???

Magnetically Shielded Are they magnetically shielded? Allows speaker to be placed near a CRT TV/Monitor or sensitive magnetically stored data without the risk of damage. No
Sensitivity (dB) The higher the figure the easier the speaker is to drive - meaning a lower powered amp may be used 89
Impedance (ohms) Resistance. Average figure is 8 ohmns. Figure halves when doubling the number of speakers 6
Bi-wireable Are they bi-wirable? Separate earthing for tweeter and woofer - when used with bi-wiring cable gives a more precise sound No
Power Rating (Watts) Maximum power rating - long term/short term (RMS) 80
Dimensions Dimensions of speaker cabinet excluding any spikes, feet or binding posts. (H x W x D) in mm 974 x 233 x 254
Weight Weight of each speaker in KG. 13.7
Black Is the finish of this speaker black? Yes
Wood Is the finish of this speaker wood style or wood? No
Other Colour Is the finish of this speaker another colour? No
Freq Response (Hz) The lower the first figure the deeper the bass should be 43 - 26,000
Speaker Enclosure Type Type of speaker enclosure. Infinite baffle cabinets are sealed and so are often less fussy about placement. Usually they do require a little more power to drive, though. Bass reflex speakers are usually more efficient than infinite baffle designs but may require more care in terms of placement. Rear port designs, in particular, usually need at least 15-30cm (6 - 12 inches) between them and the wall behind, for a balanced bass response. ABR = Auxcillary Bass Radiator (looks like a standard bass cone but without power) Bass reflex - rear port
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I prefer the Tannoy's (_;)

I prefer the Tannoy's (_;)

The fact is that Tannoy v4 is better than this yamaha,,I read some reviews/comparision and.. Tannoy is the winner
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