Yamaha Pacifica 112 Metallic Blue Electric Guitar - £137.33 @ Argos

Yamaha Pacifica 112 Metallic Blue Electric Guitar - £137.33 @ Argos

Found 25th May 2011
Looking for a starter guitar, this any good?

Description states "Solid alder body" which for me suggests the 112 model (seems to retail around £200) rather than the cheaper 012 model.

Can be reserved in store for free, otherwise ADD £5.99 FOR DELIVERY.


I've played the 112 quite a bit recently, and it's not a bad guitar at all. It's not very flash but I can't see how you'd get better for under £150.


In short, yes... these are good beginners guitars, but don't need replacing once you start getting better like some of the budget models.

Price-wise it's about 50 quid cheaper than normal. For a noticeable upgrade on this in terms of sound, you'd be looking at £300+ (in my opinion).

as i guitarist i cannot recommend these enough, these are the best starter guitar around much better than squires, vintage, etc, however i wouldnt buy these from argos, go to a proper music shop and get them to do a setup on it, you're going to be very lucky if the string height, pickup height and everything else is set up properly, most music stores will do this free if your buying it before hand, don't get this home and realise you have to take it to a shop to have a set up as they can charge between 20-60.

next best to this would be a mexican stratocaster, usually about 300ish.

I bought this guitar around 9 years ago actually.

It's a good guitar for beginners definitely. For that price you can't get any better until you spend an extra £200 or more if you ask me.

It's not a 112 - wrong colour. This is an 012 the same as the kits that Argos also sell and misdescribe as solid alder. These only come with the 012. And the price has been lower according to the Argos page.

The 012 does not feel as good to play as the 112 and this is not a very good price for it.

If you're starting out I have 3 recommendations.

1 Start with an accoustic and get a half decent one from a music shop.
2 Take proper lessons soon after starting. Avoid getting into bad habits like poor fret hand position and so on. I can recommend Justinguitar.com if you can't afford lessons; he's brilliant. Use the beginners tutorials methodically.
3 Persist. Repetition and practice WILL make you better; so don't lose heart if its taking a while to master those chords.

On the topic of the 112, I have a 112J, my first electric. Superb for the money. As above I'm not sure that this is te 112.
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