Yamaha R1 Haynes Manual £5.00 @ Halfords

Yamaha R1 Haynes Manual £5.00 @ Halfords

Found 1st Jan 2014
Just visited my local Halfords (Worthing) and there was a selection of motorbike Haynes manuals listed as £5 in a discount rack, went to look to see if there was one for my bike on the shelf and it was listed as £17.99 reduced from £24.99.
Took it to the counter and it scanned as £5!
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The branch at Shannon's corner had a load on a stand just after you enter the store. Various bikes at £5.
this is a 'wooo look at my motorbike' type post imo.
No it isn't!


No it isn't!

you do know theres been quite a few revisions of the R1.

thanks op but this bikes a deathtrap (i say that with respect), you need balls and experience
Cheers for the info, I have owned every one of the iterations since 1998 to my current 2006 model and managed to have survived, if anyone wants a proper appraisal I am happy to give one but the picture was put there for a bit of fun!
Regardless of wether you can or can't ride an R1, it may be the case that other manuals are also reduced to £5 but not labelled as so, this one was still labelled £17.99.
Plenty of people kill themselves on push bikes and in cars - but yes, if you're a ****, a litre bike with quarter mile acceleration times around that of a veryron (I know they were about the same for the 06 GSXR I had) for Fiesta money isn't going to help things!
Great deal!

Now I just need an R1...
A few bikes listed at £5 on the website, inc R6, gixxers, vespa...

Cold as its not for a honda fireblade
Just picked up the tl1000 manual for a fiver but the BMW 1150 rt is still full price.
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