Yamaha SRT700 bluetooth soundbase £99.99 at costco (rrp 299)

Yamaha SRT700 bluetooth soundbase £99.99 at costco (rrp 299)

Found 14th May 2016
Generally good reviews on richer sounds and amazon and seems like a great deal for a sound base. May have an inflated rrp but nearest competitor price is still 149.99.

Delivery included for free (3 business days) but some limitations for channel islands etc. Follow link for more spec details.

Non Costco members can purchase but have a to pay an extra 5% surcharge
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What is it?
a Sound base offering much needed improvement to your basic TV sound.
If only the 5600 was on offer somewhere

a Sound base offering much needed improvement to your basic TV sound.

Thanks. Like a sound bar?
^^Same thing apart from the shape of course
Good price for this unit but read below, what I've said applies to most if not all base units.

Getting a decent sound for a modern TV is a nightmare, as said in a couple of reviews on Richer Sounds you are constantly changing the volume level speech is often poor from sound bases and as for Dolby output don’t both unless you love trying to adjust the lip-sync. They are better than the poor TV speakers but only on the base side.
One of the big issues is the Satellite HD TV does not have a stereo sound signal it only has 5.1 sound which is why you can’t get sound from the HDMI lead if the output is set to Dolby on a Sky box as most TV’s don’t have a 5.1 decoder built in. The base will decode it but that’s when the lip-sync issues start and the timing is not the same on different channels.
The answer for me was to get a TV with a 5.1 decoder built in (a TV which has a HD Satellite input will have this) and then connect all the HDMI connections to the TV and send an optical out signal to the AMP or base unit. AMP’s are better than base units, if you don’t want full surround sound set the AMP output to Multi channel stereo and if you can add a Sub-Woofer, this give a much better sound and gets rid of the lip-sync issues.

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