Yamaha ysp-2700 soundbar at Peter Tyson Audio for £619

Yamaha ysp-2700 soundbar at Peter Tyson Audio for £619

Found 28th Oct 2017
Great soundbar this. Very good sound and virtual effect that works surprisingly well. 3 hdmi in ports for multiple devices. Lowest price I've seen it at.
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If you don't have a perfectly square room with objects in the way don't bother! I spent a small fortune on the YSP 1600 after being demonstrated both this and the 1600 in action. The only real difference between the two is the subwoofer. As for the sound bounce-short of buying sound deflecting panels I'm very disappointed with its inability to produce a good surround sound. I got a better sound from my 90 quid Sony sound bar.
I have this and tbh it works very well and sounds superb. I downsized from an amp and separates and this works far better than I was expecting tbh. Having a square room will definitely help with the surround aspect. My only complaint is it cannot pass Dolby Vision through the HDMI ports but Yamaha have mentioned it could be added but not as yet anyway. I tried a few bars including Sonos and Bose and found the 2700 gave a much nicer sound and also includes the sub unlike the Sonos or Boss so is pretty good value for money. Heat from me...
I was looking at this Bose and sonos at the beginning of the year. I opted for the sonos in the end however at this price I would have seriously considered this. Voted hot from me.
This is now availble for £579..with 3 years warranty petertyson.co.uk/ind…tml
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