Yankee Candle 19oz £6.99 @ Bargain Buys

Yankee Candle 19oz £6.99 @ Bargain Buys

Found 13th Apr 2013
Maybe just a local deal not even sure if these stores are nationwide picked up 3 of today in the Melton Mowbray store of Bargain Buys


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Thought I added price £6.99

Are these the real Yankee Candles? just the pic doesn't look like them (well the ones I have seen and owned)

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As far as I know they are they smell the same as the one I paid almost 3 times this price for from b&q pic was taken in dark room with flash

these are official yankee candles, theyre the simply home range which tends to be a little cheaper than the others. ive bought both types in the past and theyre identical "smell wise"

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Well I am more than pleased with my buy and anis my partner he always moans when I pay 15+ for smelly candles not sure why the cold votesust be the snobs who would not be seen dead in such a shop

Price is superb,but it will be a local deal so nothing special.

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Unless ur one of the 25.5k people that populate Melton Mowbray

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Note to oneself Next time I find 1p off the price of dieselise remember to post that way ill get a scorching deal

I think it's a good buy - thanks for taking the time to post and heat added.

Has everyone forgot its a candle?... £6.99 for a bloody candle!

That's why it's cold, because £6.99 is still a silly price for a candle

This isn't a real yankee candle. It's just a copy they sell them in Asda but the definitely aren't real yankee's.

£6.99 is a fab price for a candle of this size. Blokes, you can't get more than a couple of pints of beer for that price, but you still buy em! So stop your blarting! ;-)

They are genuine Yankees just a cheaper range. I have a couple of them and they smell lovely.
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