Yankee candle sale 35p @ Asda

Yankee candle sale 35p @ Asda


Is it just this scent or all scents?

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No only that one and few more for 75p still good price


I imagine this would be difficult to find (Unless it was lit of course)

Its wickless, requires a candle heater

Got the large jar for £9 reduced from £19

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Not really I use simple oil burner I had a Yankee burner once and had to bin it coz it get damaged

Its wickless

There's nothing like being Thick and Wickless

£1 in my local asda

Nothing reduced in Asda Plymouth (as usual!)

ASDA Yankee Candles are "Simply Home" Brand with Yankee Candle name used under licence, nothing like a real Yankee Candle, waste of money.

Lots in Asda living Telford yesterday. There were the mini candles with wicks too for 70p down from £1.00 and other Asda brand scented candles reduced too...

Hoping they were reduced in my local sadly not scanning at £1
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