Yankee Candle "Tumbler Trio" save 33%

Yankee Candle "Tumbler Trio" save 33%

Found 20th Jul 2010
Offer Includes:

1x Clean Cotton Regular Tumbler

1x Evening Air Regular Tumbler

1x Juicy Peach Regular Tumbler

Offer also includes Free Matches & Burning Tips


I'm usually just a "lurker" on these forums and use the iphone app most days for bargain hunting. However when I started to buy some Christmas Shopping early this year, I came across this site and this offer in particular looked too good to be true.

I ordered it mid-morning with standard delivery & received it the next day, along with free long stick matches (which to be fair i should've bought a long time ago to save my fingers!!) and the seller had been kind enough to put in some "Burning Tips" which I was unaware of before now.

All in all I was so pleased with the offer / service, I thought i'd lose my posting virginity here with what I consider to be not only a good deal in itself, but also the best customer service / turnaround i've come across in a long time to be honest...
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Suppose i maybe should've known better and stayed a lurker rather than making a first post...

33% discount off a very well known brand, very inexpensive postage rates, free gifts & quality service but I get "cold" feedback without any reasons? Plus the more I looked at their site, the more deals I actually found that I myself will be using for Christmas Presents etc.

If someone votes cold could I at least have the common courtesy of some form of explanation so I can at least learn what type of deals to post..?
Well as a lover of smelly candles, I would say that the cold votes have probably come from people who will buy the National Geographics candles from supermarkets for about £4 each (me included) but would rather pay about £1.19 each for the Ikea Tindra candles (if only I had an Ikea near me) instead.

£6 a candle is pretty steep (but they might smell nice and have a long burn time, so that might make them worth it!)

Well I suppose I didn't look at it that way.

But in my opinion bargains should be voted on a level playing field in other words compared as like for like. There's no point posting a porsche boxster for £13k second hand if people think along the lines of "i could buy 2 Ford Focus & a fiesta for that".

I thought it was based more on a equal comparison and what people could buy the SAME product for elsewhere. Although I don't buy alot of yankee, I am aware it's a v high quality product with long burn time and people always compliment my house when I have it burning. I've bought single housewarmer yankee candles for £18 each before so that's why I know this is a v v good deal.

Each to their own and all that but voting cold because you can by an inferior product elsewhere isn't exactly a pragmatic attitude.....
Perhaps it is cold because, you forgot to mention the £2.95 P&P
So we are talking 21 quid nearly
Plus buy British if possible in these hard times, and stop lining the yanks pockets ;-)

Perhaps it is cold because, you forgot to mention the £2.95 P&PSo we are … Perhaps it is cold because, you forgot to mention the £2.95 P&PSo we are talking 21 quid nearlyPlus buy British if possible in these hard times, and stop lining the yanks pockets ;-)

As it was my first post, i didn't realise I should've included postage cost in the overall cost as such. But it's feedback like yours as to what I was after, so thank you.

All in all it is nearly £21 for 3 Jar candles, take away £1 for the free matches they provide for orders over a tenner and it was more the customer service / turnaround that I thought was above that of what i'm used to with ebay sellers and other online retailers.

Still a good deal imo but now i know not to post any more unless they are rediculously hot :P
well as long as my mrs doesnt see this i am ok.
i am man, we dont understand candle type smelly stuff, i shake my head when the mrs buys yankee candles, after all that money could go on a top blu ray or ps3 game.

these seem cheap for what they are, most places are apparently around £8 per tumbler plus p&p

my mrs spent £26 on 1 bloody candle. doh.

oh have some heat as i cant find cheaper ( although qvc sometimes has deals of the day where they are a reasonable price)
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