Yankee reed diffuser - 2 for £20 instore @ Hallmark

Yankee reed diffuser - 2 for £20 instore @ Hallmark

Found 30th Aug 2015
2 for £20 (usually £21 each) in store in hallmark shops. Includes: Black Cherry, Drift Away, Clean Cotton, Fluffy Towels, Fresh Cut Roses, Midnight Jasmine, River Valley, True Rose, Vanilla Satin and Lemon Lavender.
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Whilst yankee candles are very nice these are somewhat of a rip off regardless, some fragrant chemical poured into a CHEAP glass bottle, with a handful of woody reeds to soak up & spread the scent, £20 each!? ..only if people are a bit dim!, these things are regularly reduced, & the candles are typically very pronounced & less harsh than this dust gatherer, ..(also the candles are good for a power cut)
Ha ha ha well I like then anyway. Not bothered about heat but hope it helps some.
Btw the Y.C. plug in fragrances work out ok for the money around £6.95 for 2 or 3 bottles depending on where & when you shop, & they are very slow to empty, folk may wish to consider those as an option, last between 4-6 weeks depending on how hard you use em (refillable too).
Will have a look thanks
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