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Yankee tart candles from 60p each @ yankeedoodle ( other items also reduced, £2 P+P )
Found 20th Jul 2011Found 20th Jul 2011
Good price for these premium branded tarts, other items worth a look -triple pack car air fresheners £3.50 from £6, postage is £2 ( upto £25, £2.95 over ) worth stocking up, cheape… Read more

Argh i missed that, would make a lovely xmas prezzie! I'll have to make another order haha richard will love me!


Hi, try this- http://www.yankeedoodle.co.uk/x-cart/holly-and-ivy-tart-burner-value_pack.html


Do you have a link to the tart burner with tarts?


Know what you mean, i bought 22! also bought the christmas tart burner with 6 tarts for £7.50.


18 tarts for £11.50 bargain! My yankee obsession is getting to be too much!

50% off Yankee Candle Accessories, 40% off 2011 range,  Mored added Fri
Found 6th Jul 2011Found 6th Jul 2011
Wednesday 6 July Available NOW : Almost every Accessory range reduced by 50% 2011 ranges reduced by 40% New Big Big Clearance starts Friday - but grab your ceramics now ! We w… Read more
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What a HORRIBLE website!


cheers, my mrs loves these!


I ordered a load on the last offer, abs fab! a great hot offer

Yankee Doodle Candles Big Big Sale!
Found 15th Jun 2011Found 15th Jun 2011
Yankee Doodle are a leading company selling all that is Yankee Candle. They are currently having a massive sale. Large Jars from £10 Each rrp £18.45 Medium Jars from £7 each rrp … Read more

Just realised it's 2 weeks old and there are none left in the sale mentioned. Please expire.


I think I'm being a bit thick because I can't find any in this sale at all!


The ones in tk maxx are over priced as they dont smell!!! - the yankee candles instantly smell gorgeous. well worth the money and last ages. ive just invested in the new oil burners


Thanks for that info. The one i had that was amazing as i said was blueberry and made by candle lite. I bought one that looked similar but not the same from B&M but was not near as strong. Thank's again.


The large jars are £18.95 at Clintons. It's the same price nationwide so i'm assuming it was probably the smaller tumbler ones you seen.

Yankee candle Mega Pack deal half price £31.16 at Yankee doodle
Found 10th Jan 2011Found 10th Jan 2011
Choose from over 30 Medium jars, and for only £16.17 extra, they will add 1 Large Jar, 1 Medium Jar, 4 Wrapped Samplers, 4 Sampler holders, in Lakeside Birch, all for only £31.16
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Maybe the thought of 10 jars of all the same scent is putting people off? Good value, yes, but personally I'd need to have experienced the actual Lakeside Birch scent itself to make me 'bite'. Obviously it can't be that popular if selling up such multiple packs..... I'm a Yankee fan OK, but only for some of their scents.


Why are ppl voting this cold? This a great deal... These candles last for such a long time and the scent is so nice...

Yankee candles 54% off their Clear Crackle Food and Spice Mega Pack £20
Found 7th Jan 2011Found 7th Jan 2011
Cant beat getting the Yankee candle deals, and it makes your house smell great. Buy for yourself or as a gift
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Yep deal has now changed but they still have some good offers on the site


Yep same for me :o(


Showing as £25.50 now [41%off....plus postage]


Naked flames and all that gas?! Probably best you avoid buying this deal!


I'm not so sure this is a good deal considering previous Yankee posts and the samplers can be bought near me for 75p each.

Medium Yankee Candles 3 for £30 plus £1 Delivery (RRP £15 per Candle) @ Yankee Doodle
Found 6th Dec 2010Found 6th Dec 2010
3 Medium Yankee Candles for £30 (each one must be a different smell though) plus £1 delivery. Pretty good for xmas pressies - the Christmas Cookie one is really nice (just got 3 m… Read more
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If you have a homestore and more near you the large jars are £8.99. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/large-yankee-jar-candles-only-8-99-/819739?view=lastreadpost


My Misses buys these yankie candles ....they smell really intence and last for a few weeks....just off to see if they stock the Jasmin ones


^^ This.


You sound lovely,i'm surprised you get any gifts at all with that attitude oO


If somebody bought me a f*cking candle as a gift, I'd... well, I don't know what I'd do yet, because nobody has ever been stupid enough to do it.

Jelly Belly Bean Large Machine @ Yankee Doodle £27.95
Found 8th Jan 2010Found 8th Jan 2010
This same machine sells at around £40 at most other retailers. The reason Yankee Doodle are selling it so cheaply is because the small bag of beans included in box are out of date.… Read more
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My machine arrived yesterday and I have been munching on beans ever since .... yum yum yum


Oh I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want that costume :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


You started it *whistles innocently* Yes got teeth at the moment - my order hasn't been delivered yet! :w00t:


Right you are taking the **** now :-D BTW- You got any teeth left :w00t:


Oh okay I won't mention I ordered this then - thanks for the heads up!

4 Small Yankee candle Jars for £20.00
Found 22nd Aug 2009Found 22nd Aug 2009
Choose from over 65 fragrances - all at £5.00 each when you choose any 4 different ones. Includes Christmas and everyday fragrances. Conditions : You must choose four different f… Read more
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A large jar will last for ages had mine for over a year well worth every penny, no other candle compares :thumbsup:


do they smell the same?


It would be the same as setting fire to a £5 note.. ;-)


I'd never light them at that price :)


the vanilla one smells amazing. love yankee candles voted hot

Yankee Candles - choose any 3 medium jars for £33 PLUS free clean cotton reed diffuser!
Found 18th Jul 2009Found 18th Jul 2009
Choose any three medium housewarmer jars (from a selection of over 80 fragrances) for only £33 and get a clean cotton reed diffuser absolutely free! Medium jars normally retail fo… Read more
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I smell a bargain. Hot as a flame from me. These cold votes get on my wick. (Sorry, couldn't resist)


I love Yankee Candles and buy them all the time especially when they have good deals like this. If you are not familiar with Yankee Candles then you may assume them to be over priced. However they are very true to life scents which last a very long time and are well worth the money. I love 'em anyway, pschobunni! Looks like you and me have the best smelling homes on Uk hot deals then!:thumbsup:

Yankee candle BEST EVER VALUE - Christmas Megapack £52.87
Found 30th Nov 2008Found 30th Nov 2008
32 Piece Festive Fragrance and Ceramic set Megapack includes 1 x Medium Christmas Eve Jar, 1 x Christmas Trees Shade, 1 x Christmas Trees Tart Burner, 4 x Christmas Trees Sample… Read more

who cares!? Im sure theres people postings offers from there work place day in day out!!


i don't think this is the place to promote your workplace.


can't afford this set, but do love the smell of Christmas cookies...... gorgeous!


Thank you, I love the Island Spa and Clean Cotton scents, not smelt any of the Christmas fragrances.


Nice find, you also get Two Free Wrapped Samplers and 1 Official Yankee Candle holder when you spend £40.00 (usual cost: £5.29)

Yankee candle Christmas Wish Collection  £8.80
Found 30th Nov 2008Found 30th Nov 2008
1 x Small Housewarmer Jar in Cranberry Chutney 1 x Small Housewarmer Jar Balsam and Cedar 1 x Christmas Trimmings Small Shade 1 x Christmas Trimmings Small Plate 2 days only!!!



No delivery is £2.00


Is it £8.80 delivered?


No, I do not work for them!!! I put offers on here as and when I receive emails from the company for others to benefit from these deals too, but I am getting a bit sick of people saying that I work for this company just because I have put a few deals on from this company. In future I will not put anymore offers on here as no one seems to appreciate it anyway.


agree same company day to day do u work for them doodygirl?

Yankee Candles Yankee Doodle Top Hat Snowman plus 6 Tarts  £8.80 + £2 p&p
Found 28th Nov 2008Found 28th Nov 2008
Just came across this and thought it would make a lovely gift for someone for just over a tenner. For anyone who is not aware, the tart burner you receive holds a wax tart in the t… Read more
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:thumbsup:not a problem, each to their own eh!:-D


lol sorry, its just not my cup of tea, I think its horrific looking, really naff. But Im sure there are plenty here that love it and find it a great deal. It would def. be a boring world if we all liked the same things! I didnt mean to laugh at your post, sorry if it looked that way. However... my first post still applies :p


Surely being given a candle at xmas isnt that bad.


I cant stop giggling to that last comment.


Note for anyone in my family reading this, don't even THINK about it!

Yankee candles Collection of 8 Small Jars and 2 Gift Baskets £29.96
Found 19th Nov 2008Found 19th Nov 2008
2 x Sparkling Grapefruit and 2 Meadow Blossoms - Limited Edition Jars - Now Retired. Plus 2 Fresh Cut Roses and 2 Sunwashed Linen Jars in attractive metal gift baskets. This offe… Read more

I love yankee candles too- they are class! They might seem expensive but their scent does last through to the very end- unlike nearly every other candle brand. With candles you get what you pay for! Well done doodygirl for finding these deals- and everyone else- if ya dont like the deal then dont bother posting! If you cant say anything good then dont say anything at all- as the saying goes!:p


I think this is a good deal, i love yankee candles and have never kind a candle that smells as good and that lasts as long


And I can assure you I don't work for them either, I just thought that people who like Yankee candles would like to have the chance to snap up some pretty decent deals is that not what this site is for???


I love yankee candles and as strange as it might seem that is a decent enough deal for anyone who likes them. Its not a 50% discount as the site claims but its certainly £15 or so off the RRP. I view them as being similar to the glade candles but of a higher quality as they last longer and smell nicer. You can easily pay around £5 each for the glade candles so around £3:75 for a yankee candle isnt that bad. (and no i dont work for them....lol)


cos your paying commision for sales rep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 partylite are slightly cheaper

Yankee candles Mini Mega Pack - Purr-Chouli Plus Trick Or Treat Swirl Plus 2 Samplers and 2 Tarts
Found 18th Nov 2008Found 18th Nov 2008
Yankee candles Mini Mega Pack - Purr-Chouli Plus Trick Or Treat Swirl Plus 2 Samplers and 2 Tarts he purr-fect patchouli fragrance ... a spicy sweet, exotic aroma that creates a me… Read more

No not at all I just think this is a good deal


Do you work for this firm, Doodygirl?


£20 for a candle? are you havin a laugh... You can get glade scented candles for £2 which im sure does exactly the same thing. If im off base here then please en'lighten' me (excuse the pun)

SIX Yankee Candle Gift Bags for only £14.00
Found 18th Nov 2008Found 18th Nov 2008
SIX Yankee Candle Gift Bags for only £14.00 Each Set Contains 1 x Yankee Candle Wrapped Sampler, 1 x Clear Glass Sampler Holder, 1 x Small Pack of Pot Pourri Packaged in a great … Read more

more candles???


Blimey that went out of stock quick!


yep out of stock :whistling:


Out of stock !

Yankee candles Christmas Wreath Wrapped Samplers - Box of 18 £10
Found 18th Nov 2008Found 18th Nov 2008
Yankee candles Christmas Wreath Wrapped Samplers - Box of 18 £10

If you don't know what the product is then don't comment, this is a good price for samplers, they are normally a £1plus each. So good deal. Yankee candles are expensive, but this is a good deal!


i think we all understand that but £10 on a pack of candles that smell...


Samplers are small candles with the Yankee candles fragrance within them These are samplers http://www.yankeedoodle.co.uk/x-cart/wrapped-samplers-yankee-candle-c-15.html


there are another two posts somewhere...:whistling:


Glad I wasn't the only one!

Yankee Candles 4 xmas t light holders and box of 12 scented tea lights Yankee Doodle £12.50
Found 7th Nov 2008Found 7th Nov 2008
Hi, This seems like a great offer and would make 4 nice little christmas presants. You get one of each of the tealight holders: xmas tree,santa,reindeer,snowman and then a box of 1… Read more
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That will be the delivery charge added on.


How did you Get £12.50 mine says £15.50 Delivered


Nice deal


Thanks very much!! xx


Nice deal Victoria Plump :thumbsup: Don't forget you can get 3 Free wrapped samplers if you spend over £15 using discount code: HUKD (thanks Amibees) I 've sdded this infor to your post :) I've added an image to your post -for help with images check out the links in my signature. Thanks

Yankee candles Balsam and Cedar Small Jar TRIPLE pack £10
Found 6th Nov 2008Found 6th Nov 2008
Yankee candles Balsam and Cedar Small Jar TRIPLE pack £10 Three small jars in Balsam and Cedar fragrance. Saving 55% off the original price

These are a great price if still available. :thumbsup:


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=purple]Well I've voted it HOT...:thumbsup:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=purple]Gotta love Yankee Candle items...Although personally I love the wax tart burner best...longer fragrance.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :-D


Why is this voted cold it is a great deal 3 small jars for £10 which are normally £7.49 each.

Yankee candles Christmas Wreath Box of 12 Tea Lights x 4 Packs £10
Found 6th Nov 2008Found 6th Nov 2008
Christmas Wreath Box of 12 Tea Lights x 4 Packs Yankee candles £10 4 boxes of 12 Christmas Wreath Tea Lights Saving 58% off the original price

Yes I have ordered from them before and never had no problems


bought from them several times. excellent service and they always include a free gift:thumbsup:


some great prices for these candles on there... are they reputable company? Its not direct from yankee?

Yankee Candles Juicy Grapefruit Medium Jar Plus Shade and Plate £14.99 Also 3 for 2
Found 3rd Nov 2008Found 3rd Nov 2008
Juicy Grapefruit Medium Jar Plus Shade and Plate INCLUDES JAR PLUS SHADE AND PLATE 1 x Medium Juicy Grapefruit 1 x Juicy Fruit Large Shade (suitable for Medium and large jars) 1 … Read more

Yeah sorry forgot to do that.


:thumbsup:I'm guessing these are the Yankee Candles? Would help to put that in the header.

6 x different fragrance yankee candle gift bags for £14 at Yankeedoodle
Found 30th Oct 2008Found 30th Oct 2008
These rrp at £9.99 each - though most places sell them for £6.99 each bag, so 6 for £14 is a bargain. It say 6 for £20 on the picture but have been reduced! each bag contains a can… Read more
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I had mine yesterday too.


Received mine today and am THRILLED with it. Six beautiful bags that smell absolutely divine. For £3 each if you include the postage onto purchase price these are beautiful gifts for any occasion. Gorgeous:thumbsup::) Thanks poster


I brought the farmers market, fruit cocktail large jar which sells on the website for £14.99, for £3.99 at Dunelm mill, think I'll go and buy some more;-)


great find:w00t:


Absolute bargain:thumbsup: ordered some and intend to use as xmas gifts but may just may end up keeping some for myself! Thanks poster :):gift:

32 piece yankee candle Christmas megapack £50 (RRP £142.87) at Yankee Doodle
Found 25th Oct 2008Found 25th Oct 2008
Seems a lot of money but you get loads and it could be split into loads of presents. Only 1 allowed to be ordered per customer!! You get a medium jar candle, a shade, a tart burner… Read more
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These are back in stock again.


Received mine yesterday and am thrilled with everything in package. WELL worth £50 if you buy these candles as I do anyway.


If I offer a pinch of my belly button fluff for a tenner and say that it's worth sixty quid if bought anywhere else it doesn't mean it's a good deal. Generally I'll vote something hot if I think it's a good deal but it's something I wouldn't be interested in myself... But there's no way a box of candles is worth fifty quid - even if other people are selling the same or similar boxes for double that. In my opinion.


if you dont know about yankee candles then dont vote cold cause ther hot when they are lit


I'm not sure I understand where voting something cold comes from? Is it voted cold because it's not a good deal, or just because you personally wouldn't buy it? I was under the impression that you vote based on whether or not you can find the same deal cheaper somewhere else, of course I'm pretty new here so that could be totally wrong :)

Yankee Candle Gift Bags - Sweet Honeysuckle x 4 Giftbags for £6!!!! ( + £3.50 Postage) RRP £39.96
Found 18th Oct 2008Found 18th Oct 2008
Giftbags contain small candle, glass holder and pot pourri. The RRP for each bag is £9.99, so get 4 delivered for £9.50!! Super bargain. Fantastic christmas gifts for teachers, sec… Read more
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Yep received mine yesterday (4 packs) great value...the pot porri smells lovely to...not overpowering as some can be. Can throughly recommend for folks to buy fo litlle gifts for friends, teachers, etc for chrimbo.


Got mine today excellent stocking fillers. Thanks again.


yep it is back on Ive just ordered some rep given as i cant add heat Thanks


Offer is back up and running


emails came through straight away with mine

Yankee xmas candle jars pack of 12
Found 13th Oct 2008Found 13th Oct 2008
Yankee xmas candle jars pack of 12 Small jars

Excellent- these are normally in the region of £6 per small jar!!! I love the Yankee Candle range, burn for ages and the scent lasts right through to the end of the wax. Heat and rep added:thumbsup:

Yankee Candle plug in 50% off buy 1 get 1 free £10.49 delivered YankeeDoodle
Found 20th Aug 2008Found 20th Aug 2008
Great for any Yankee Candle fans! This place usually does really fast delivery too! Clean cotton is one of the best smelling IMHO

No, if you click on special offers there is a list of a few


I think there is only one fragrance


Do you have to take two of the same fragrance or can you pick two different ones? I t doesn't explain it...not that I can see.


Hey I love these too!. Has anyone got any discount codes?;-)


heat added,i love these candles and didn't know they did plug ins. Ta ( oh and yes clean cotton smells gorgeous)

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