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Cheap pints in all Yates/Stonegate (Molloy's etc) pubs in January from £1.75
Found 2nd Jan 2015Found 2nd Jan 2015
Had a few emails and at the recently refurbished Yates' Preston for instance, pints of Strongbow, Carlsberg and John Smith's are £1.75. In Molloy's in Bury and Lost Dene, Manchest… Read more

Flake required.


The picture looks how they serve their 'pints' as well (_;)


You're not helping with my diet 'attempts' here are you!! :p

99p bottle of Tuborg in all Yates/Stonegate pubs venues (e.g. Missoula + many others)
Found 2nd Jan 2015Found 2nd Jan 2015
Had a few emails from email lists I'm on for Yates in Manchester and Preston, Missoula, The Lost Dene and PubZoo all in Manchester. A 275ml bottle of Tuborg is 99p at all days and … Read more

20 Tuborg for £20 on a night out seems pretty good to me, not sure about the pubs though :-)


99p? Still overpriced.


Tuborg? Any pet dog or cat could make better for free.... :)

5 item English Breakfast AND a hot drink £1.95 @ Yates's
Found 7th Oct 2014Found 7th Oct 2014
This is unbeatable, it has been posted before but that was 4 months ago. I popped into the town centre this morning and the deal is still on - What an absolute bargain: One egg, … Read more
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Your post is not the easiest to read. Grammar non existent and a missed word. If you are going to question someone on their spelling ability you should at least make an effort to post a legible reply. Bit of a hypocrite if you ask me.


Are these items English? or made in China? (_;)



Surely, it's Yates'?


:p I live in hope. Can't believe how much I get screwed at that place for a lump of pizza and a coffee

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Breakfast and Hot Drink for £1.95 @ Yates
Found 25th May 2014Found 25th May 2014
Popped into town today and stopped off at Yates for a drink. Saw this leaflet on the way in for a hot drink and breakfast for £1.95 and thought some of you might be interested. A… Read more
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Why did the Yates regular cross the lounge? To get to the other cider ....


Wow...this deal's got more heat than a Yates's breakfast!


I went into a yates once :p


IDK about that ive been to a couple of places where everything about the fry up was wrong!


Warm beer?

Free Cheese Burger & Chips When You Buy Any Soft Drink @ Yates until 19.5.14 then BOGOF on WKD Brazillian...
Found 17th May 2014Found 17th May 2014
Sign up to the Yates newsletter & you will receive a voucher for a Free Cheese Burger & Chips when you buy any soft drink... Not sure of the prices of their soft drinks bu… Read more

Wkd deal is still valid as highlighted in OP... :)


In my experience, anybody giving critique on somewhere or something, needs to sample if first hand to be able to do so. Many on here are saying they would never set foot through the door, therefore, how are you able to give your own opinion on the place, the staff or the food ??? I have partaken of many offers in many Yates around the country and never been disappointed. One or two are a bit rough around the edges (Sunderland comes to mind), but the staff have always been courteous and the food of a decent standard and that is my honest first hand opinion with no bias.


hot I got this for romford staff was friendly enough and burger and chips was nice soft drink overpriced at 2.70 but when you've got a burger and chips thrown in never mind


I'm getting déjà vu, have you said this before? I believed you the first time if so!


Awesome deal that. Oh sorry its the 28th June.

Yates's Preston all day Thursday main course and a drink for £5
LocalLocalFound 24th Mar 2014Found 24th Mar 2014
Feeling hungry and cant be bothered to cook? If your in Preston Thursday take advantage of this deal a main course and drink for a fiver (they must be operating at a loss its so ch… Read more

Cannot be bothered to drive to Preston


From Freezer to Microwave to Plate


You can get a Happy Meal in McDonalds for half that price :3


yum. microwaved frozen food.


Woesday does that mean its not good

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Free Cheeseburger & Chips when you buy any drink from 30p @ Yates
Found 4th Feb 2014Found 4th Feb 2014
Sign up to the Yates newsletter and receive a free cheeseburger and chips when you buy any drink. The cheapest drink is orange/blackcurrent squash for 30p Vouchers must be han… Read more
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It's saddening that you're correct.


Sounds about right... don't forget the caramel macchiato!


eh? this is not a quick fix plaster solution, it was an inherent problem from the top not just the reading branch to maximise profits at all costs. So you are saying that a steam clean and change of staff in ONE restaurant will fix this problem. lol, you are so naive. Nice convenient scapegoats. Thing is it wasn't just Reading, Yates in other towns and cities were caught too.


I live fairly near his Bray restaurant and work very near it, yet I still wouldn't eat there either. Pretentious rubbish eaten by clueless foodies who clearly don't know how to cook or what good food resembles. They are more interested in presentation whereas I am more interested in the taste. Also, if you ate in his fat duck restaurant id budget nearer £200+ a head.


Now now chap, it was just a joke..... Anyway, I'm off to sit in a safe southern cafe with my macbook pro, blogging about the dangers of the north.

Yates are doing a main course meal and a drink for £5
Found 3rd Jan 2014Found 3rd Jan 2014
I'm not sure how long it's for but u can pick any of these main course plus a drink for £5..
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Sorry it might be sheffield only and ljm that's a different post there was 3 deals iv seen this 2 meals for £7.95 or a meal and a drink for £7.


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/yates-7-a-meal-plus-a-drink-1780307 It's showing as £7 in this post here. Confusing


Doesn't seem to be nationwide. Probably best to post which specific local Yates this is.


I saw it on there fb page


Nothing about this on the website. Maybe only local? Where did you find this please?

Yates £7 a meal plus a drink
LocalLocalFound 3rd Jan 2014Found 3rd Jan 2014
Yates are doing a sale on food look at the menu any of those plus a drink for £7 and it doesn't look like the rubbish food either. I'm not sure if this is national.
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Free turkey or cheese burger & chips when you buy any drink 99p @ Yates
Found 2nd Jan 2014Found 2nd Jan 2014
Sign up to the Yates newsletter and receive a free turkey or cheese burger and chips when you buy any drink. Not sure what the cheapest drink available is e.g a small coke, tea, o… Read more
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I probably sounded very judgemental but I built up a few frustrations. People call me OCD, weird just because I follow some very basic hygiene rules I was taught in elementary school. Not to mention common sense, that should be enough.


The best thing for them to do is not offer free food and train staff,


Yeah & they could make even greater profits if they trained staff regularly in hygiene,customer service etc. inc. using good quality food, there is no excuses for bad practice especially in this type of business !


soda/squash it's all the same pubs can just charge you for the mixer not the water or soda, so first quote was correct as are you.


Had a couple of meals when they were half price and although portion not the biggest, food was half decent. But just less than wetherspoons quality.

Free £6 cheeseburger & chips when buying any drink @Yates
Found 28th Aug 2013Found 28th Aug 2013
Sign-up to Yates newsletter, and get a voucher which gives you free cheesburger and chips, when you buy any drink. A small glass of coke would cost around £2, so nice deal. They h… Read more

Cheers OP!


The turkey burger in the offer that is posted here is NOT microwaved and was fried when i had mine! Do you know what happens to a crispy coating if microwaved? Soggy comes to mind. The Turkey burger has a crispy coating and the only way you get it crispy is to NOT microwave it but fry it! Sorry to disappoint you! ;)


The Yates here in Blackpool is ok. Though we left about 745pm so can't say how it is at night. I'd say it's like a cheaper version of Wetherspoons.


The Yates here in Blackpool is ok. Though we left about 745pm so can't say how it is at night. I'd say it's like a cheaper version of Wetherspoons.


Agree very much with this. My wetherspoons in Reading always have a few ales on, and best of all know how to treat them. The Yates however is just like yours, served by cretins. If it wasn't for the free grub I wouldn't bother.

Meals at Yates's for 2.50 Today only
Found 26th Aug 2013Found 26th Aug 2013
I was walking past and saw that they have selected meals for 2.50 ... They serve food until 9pm. I'm using their free WiFi to post this...thinking about a dessert as they are two … Read more

In the kind of you don't know what you're eating kind of horse meat type of way. Went in a Yates last year and it was cattle train type environment and food, strange they are always really close to Job Centre


Had a burger many years ago and was alright cost about 4 quid with a pint. Didnt start mooing or neighing


I prefer Yates's to Wetherspoons, obviously neither are Michelin star.


I've already used that voucher....would be cheating to sign up again.


Cheaper to buy a drink £1.50 and use this voucher for free meal http://www.weareyates.co.uk/sign-up/ You just paid £1 over the top ;) Sorry

Free turkey burger and chips when you buy any drink @ Yates
Found 31st May 2013Found 31st May 2013
sign up to yates for a voucher for a free turkey burger and chips when you buy a drink. think a hot drink costs about a quid there EDIT: Orange squash also available for just 30p… Read more

the cheeseburger always seems to be available as an option. ive been for the scampi and chips in the past using a voucher and ended up being offered the cheeseburger when they didnt have it. i always enjoy their cheese burgers. i like that they atleast use grated cheese instead of a cheese slice, always makes a burger better


Went again to Wolves and they gave me a cheeseburger instead, even better than the last time :)


the one of the burger and chips you mean? i dunno a moderator changed the picture to it. they dont show a picture of the turkey burger and chip on their website so itd be a generic picture. i just had the yates logo originally


Wheres the pic from?


Venison is both tasty and about the leanest of the "red" meats. Well worth a punt.

50% off food 2nd-5th May @ Yates
Found 3rd May 2013Found 3rd May 2013
Might just be local to me (Halifax), but worth checking your local one. Oh that pic is what I had last time,
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I have found that food at Yates is quite poor at best. Some bad experiences at the Chelmsford branch. And service is lame too. Granted the prices are cheap but food is not as good as McD or BK so can do better.


Cool =)


So with all the cold votes, I think this is not national then lol

50% off food in Yates's for St. George's day
Found 23rd Apr 2013Found 23rd Apr 2013
Half price food in Yates today only. It's a lovely day enjoy the weather with a cooked meal cheaper than KFC or McDonald's unhealthy food. Happy St. George's day.
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Go behind the scenes and I bet you 100% you'll never eat there again. I know I won't be


I live in Chelmsford, was tempted by the offer today. Why do you say?


The food was nice. I had a monster stack burger or something 2 burgers, chicken, bacon cheese all in one bun and chips 4 quid can't go wrong cheaper than maccys


Your'e saying Yates food is healthy! It's all ping food or reheated. I know I have eaten some unfortunately


every Thursday is 50% off in my most local 2 yates. Pretty sure its national although may be different days

50% off food 28th March - 1st April @ Yates
Found 27th Mar 2013Found 27th Mar 2013
Found at my local one in Halifax.No idea if this is national, could be worth a look According to the small print, this excludes breakfast and deserts. I'll be ordering the Almigh… Read more
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Just come back from the one in Halifax.... Seriously, that burger was too big for my gob :)


Haha!! love the comic relief reference with the photo, heat for just that.


Its on at blackpool ( near the tower) tomorrow along with £1.50 drinks tomorrow night. It didn't say all weekend on the board outside!- just tomorrow (Thursday)




50% off food AT YATES VALENTINES DAY thursday 14th FEB
LocalLocalFound 12th Feb 2013Found 12th Feb 2013
50% off food AT YATES VALENTINES DAY thursday 14th FEB
Free Cheeseburger and Chips with any drink purchased @ Yates's
Found 3rd Feb 2013Found 3rd Feb 2013
Sign up on the link to get a free cheeseburger and chips when puchasing any drink at Yates's until the 31st of March. Seen a few freebies at Yates's of certain snacks/meals when s… Read more

whats the difference with not eating pork but you will happily eat beef?


Had mine minus the cheese 2day it was quite tasty tbh, but the guy who served me looked like it was coming out of his wages, cost me £1.75 for the tea tho so at least that's something 2wards his wages, he give me a look as tho i were a leper lol BTW they wouldn't let me change it for a chicken burger!


I wouldn't bother, freebie or not. Their burgers are pretty rank.


gotta be hot :)


sold out at mine. but the are coming at 10 to 1