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2 year (26m 1 week) fix to 31/12/2020 @ 1.71% ~  remortgage fee free @ yorkshire building society (max 60% LTV)
Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
looks a decent price if you have equity and don't want to pay any upfront fees / costs If you can find better please post a few points better than HSBC although I wouldn't trust … Read more

Thanks op Was paying over 4% with Halifax so tried and got a fixed deal with these for 1.64% Well happy


£2090 a year on a £100k mortgage is a massive saving I always start looking 3 months before my old deal runs off so it goes over on the day.. sod SVRs I’m in the fortunate / unfortunate position that my mortgage is now down to the minimum levels of most providers so Ill struggle to get mortgages now and hence the reason I’d never pay a fee upfront Big mortgage and the fees offset the cost for better rates


If anyone knows about mortgages I applied and they want to speak to my employer to check my wage and there send someone to value house it ect as I want to remortage I have 65% ltv ..does this mean I have a good chance of being accepted for it ? They said they will be in contact with a couple of days if so I can save £130 a month


Still gone through with it .there coming to value the house ect .I'm with Halifax on 4% at moment variable rate 😣


JUmps to 1.91% for 65% Seems ridiculous as a bank / BS would treat both as fully secured.. banks general write down property to 70% on balance sheet

Yorkshire BS: Two-year fixed mortgage 1.39%, £495 fee, £250 cashback, up to 60% LTV
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
I’m not usually a massive fan of cashback mortgages – they often hide an uncompetitive rate – but this deal from Yorkshire building society is actually pretty hot. It offers: … Read more
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Did you find out any more about hidden costs with this deal? I've been looking at the same deal (the initial interest rate is now 1.49%), and it looks competitive, but I obviously don't want to get walloped by additional costs that weren't made clear at the outset.


It’s the hidden costs that disappoint with this offer. On face-value this is a competitive mortgage, but after completing an ‘application in principal’ my wife and I soon found that there are a lot of additional costs involved, that are not clearly stated. I’ll update this if I am wrong, but if the additional fees are what they appeared to be last night, our application will be shelved.


Yes, getting the best deal every two years could end up costing more than getting an OK deal and just sticking with it for ten years...


Two-year fixed rate would also imply you would be potentially be paying product fee in another two years for yet another deal


Anyone can advise on how much you have paid in legal fees when remortgaging? As far as I know there are three main costs to take into account when changing provider: product fee, valuation fee and legal. Some providers will cover some or even all of them, some will give you cashback, so comparing takes some time...

Yorkshire building society: FTB 2-year fixed mortgage at 2.29%, 90% LTV, fee-free, £1000 cashback
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Yorkshire Building Society has launched some new mortgage products aimed at first-time buyers borrowing at a high loan-to-value (LTV), i.e. with a small deposit. The best deal… Read more
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My first/current mortgage is with YBS and they were genuinely a pleasure to deal with. After Nationwide messed me around for months and kept sending me to generic call centre staff, YBS approved within a week with a dedicated rep. Excellent service.


They have a nice 5 years fixed term mortgage as well. 1.99% with 995 fee wth LTV less than 65%. I am at Halifax at the moment and looking for a new 5 years fixed term mortgage. The best Halifax can offer me is 3.04% with no fees but it is still more expensive for me than switching to YBS.


Everytime !. I read this as Yorkshire pudding society, get excited and then a quick let down. (annoyed) .


Thanks OP, Just doing some searching for mortgage deals as we're saving for our first home so this may be of use. That's a pretty good introductory rate, the SVR of 4.99% is a little bit of a pain but alas. But we'll see how it compares against the others.

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Yorkshire building society 2-year fixed rate mortgage 1.32%, 65% LTV, £495 fee
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Hey, if you’re looking for a new mortgage, this fix from Yorkshire building society isn’t bad. It offers: Two-year fix at 1.32% £495 fee Free valuation Available up to 65… Read more
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The rate why up the day after I applied. We had been warned by the broker though so we got our application in quickly.


Fd 1.94 (60% ltv) fixed for 5 years with no fee works out cheaper for me. Plus I can only see 1.89 on Sainsbury’s now


The only way is up........fix while you can but watch out for those fees if you have a low amount left to pay.


No nerves here. Though going by your delightful response. Your nerves are frayed and dinner is noodles again.


Looks like a hit a nerve must be ur dads company

Yorkshire building society mortgage - 2 year fixed
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
We’re coming close to the end of our mortgage deal and are semi-fortunate enough to overpay our mortgage by about £1000 a month. We’re looking for a new deal. Whilst scouting aro… Read more
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I feel for u. I'm moving to Birmingham in a year's or so time, 2 beds apartment for £100k, 400k+ where I am in london!


The base rate is expected to go up, so i would be tempted to fix for 5 years atleast.


Is that a fixed rate? for how many years?


Wouldn't it make sense to keep some of your cash in bank accounts at a greater return that your mortgage APR? Quite abit of faffing about but you see returns!


It also a list at the bottom about flipping the money between the accounts.

Yorkshire Building Society 10-year fixed mortgage 2.54%, £995 fee, up to 75% LTV.
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Fancy fixing your mortgage for the next decade? If you do, Yorkshire building society has the following deal: 10-year fix at 2.54% £995 fee Available up to 75% Overpayment… Read more
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thx (pirate)


just got 10 year fix with firstdirect 2.49% with no fee


If/when the debt crisis appears, and rates go to the moon, your mortgage issuer will write to you giving six months' notice of their revised rate. Read your contract line by line.


It doesn't come up for me and we have a very low LTV.


I can't see this on their website. Has anyone else found it?

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Yorkshire building society: Five-year fix 1.84%, £1,495 fee, £250 cashback, 75% LTV
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Yorkshire building society has re-vamped its mortgage range. One of the standout products is this: Five-year fix at 1.84% Fee £1,495 Cashback £250 (in effect this reduces the f… Read more
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I'm in the market for a mortgage and YBS are offering the best deal for me. What's the name of the fee you're referring to? If you're referring to what I think you're referring to then I thought paying solicitors fees is pretty standard. Unless I'm mistaken and there are some providers who cover it as well?


Be aware that they are one of the lenders who do get you to pay solictors fees. They aren't obvious anywhere in comparison engines, but they do come up in the application. Basically another £500 of fees right there. Their 1.74% on 65% LTV is still just about worth it for us though.


Got a 1.99% on a five year fix on 9 years with a low LTV with no fees at all with First direct , been 12 days since moved in and cried every day especially today had a look for the first time of our sold house on Whitgates.


probably worth including the below additional costs: 1) £90 Payable on mortgage redemption 2) standard valuation fee of £390

Yorkshire building society two-year fixed rate mortgage 3.29%, 95% LTV, £995 fee, £500 cashback
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
This is a great rate for someone with just 5% deposit/equity, i.e. needing a 95% LTV mortgage: Two-year fix at 3.29% £995 fee £500 cashback However, buyers who can scrap… Read more
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Lots of people think brexit will be a trigger, but there will be no brexit, sadly. So, yes, if only you can buy it now, don't hesitate. Although I hope you are right, that would help me to get one as well.


Supply and demand sunshine you really think supply will overtake demand in the next year or two your dreaming


Not that long... 1-2 years max


Be waiting a while then


Thank you. Really helpful. Need to get on the property ladder waiting for market to crash.

Yorkshire building society two-year fixed rate mortgage 1.82%, 90% LTV, £995 fee, £250 cashback
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
This is the best rate I can currently find for someone with 10% deposit/equity, i.e. needing a 90% LTV mortgage: Two-year fix at 1.82% £995 fee £250 cashback The next be… Read more
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Went for a 5year fix at 1.99% for a 10 year with an LTV of 26% no fees with First Direct what a slog , been many months only handed the signed mortgage and deeds to solicitor on Wednesday. Can't imagine what it would be like with going for a 100%!


Stricter lending criteria today I believe


less than 10 years to forget our lessons. looking forward to the impending pop & crash.....


You can get 100% mortgages now again


You can't change it unless you want to pay some fees (1-2% of the mortgage in the last year). If you remortgage then the new mortgage provider will pay off your current mortgage when the fixed therm will finish. You can sort it out normally within 3 months before the end of your fixed period as most banks gives 3 moths validity for thier remortgages offers but you can find some places where that offer is valid for 6 months so you could start dealing with it 6 months before your fixed runs out.

Yorkshire BS two-year fixed mortgage 3.39%, up to 95% LTV, £995 fee but £500 cashback
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
If you’re looking to buy your first home but just have a 5% deposit, Yorkshire building society has some pretty decent deals. The headline grabber is: Two-year fix at 3.39%… Read more
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95% Ltv hence higher interest rate


Because they don't know interest rate has gone up ;)


Why people voting cold?

Yorkshire building society discounted SVR mortgage, initial rate 0.87%, max LTV 65%, £1,495 fee
Found 30th Oct 2017Found 30th Oct 2017
Yorkshire building society reckons it’s currently offering the “lowest ever” mortgage rate with a two-year discounted standard variable rate (SVR) with an interest rate currently o… Read more
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Also discounted variable so when rates rise so will the rate! And even though won't be rising fast this could be 1.02% in little over a month


I had a bad experience with YBS resulting in them having to pay compensation. I wouln't go anywhere near them now.


Fee could be a killer, so check how much you would actually save over the 24 months when you add in £5 short of £1,500!

1.55% five-year fixed mortgage from Yorkshire building society
Found 28th Sep 2017Found 28th Sep 2017
Fancy a five-year fixed mortgage? If so, this deal from Yorkshire building society is worth checking out. It’s been launched at a time of increased speculation that interest rate… Read more
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expired :0)


Where just around to remortgage to YBS to an offset. They have a fantastic product which allows linked accounts from family and friends so thankfully on our £250k nearly £175 k is going to be offset by grandparents. The rates 1.59%. If anyone is in a similar position it's a no brainer


No interest is better than 1.5% interest, but 3.75% is considerably worse. Unless you're offsetting most of the balance, you're wasting money. You don't need an offset mortgage to have a flexible mortgage. Most arrangements now allow for overpayments, underpayments, payment holidays etc. But they don't need to be stupidly over-expensive on the rate like offset mortgages tend to be.


I did say the mortgage needs to fit your lifestyle etc, I understand that 3.75% is a higher rate than 1.5%, but an offset mortgage is totally flexible, can overpay when I ever I want, £500 spare end of one month chuck it in there, so instead of sitting in a current account earning 0.01% interest cause I have already maxed out all the best rates I stick in the offset account and that £500 saves me paying interest on that £500 of the outstanding mortgage, no interest is better than 1.5% interest. Plus unlike paying it off as you suggest I can access the money whenever I want, but whilst I don't need it it's working for me. It's been really surprising how quickly the amount in the offset built it, to a point that it now almost matches my outstanding loan amount, so before long I'll be paying zero interest on the lot.


Opted for the 1.75% offset. This is very good for those with larger loans but having the flexibility with offset seals it for me.

0.99% two-year fixed mortgage from Yorkshire building society
Found 28th Sep 2017Found 28th Sep 2017
Cheap mortgage alert! Yorkshire building society is offering a two-year fix at 0.99%. The deal is available up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV) – i.e. if you have a 25% deposit. … Read more
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By that logic they thanked him by lending him the money. I know a lot of people who'd be thankful if they were able to get a mortgage in the first place, with any bank. For them it's personally important, for a bank it's just business. Look at it that way and you should be happy instead of disappointed with such a small issue.


(y) Do you think the bank your with now would have said thank you either? Just look for the best deal for yourself and stick there regardless of a thank you or not, a good deal is greater than a thankyou


Er-r that was their interest over 25 years! Wouldn't have cost anything for a bit of politeness to a reliable, long term customer. But they've blown it, savings accounts are now elsewhere.


He would have thanked them with all the interest he paid! It wouldnt cost the bank a penny to say Thank You :)


Have you thanked them for allowing you the means to buy your house? It's a mutual relationship where both parties benefit after all.

Yorkshire Building Society cheapest mortgage deal goes on offer 0.89%
Found 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
Just seen on sky news! Yorkshire Building Society 2 year discounted SVR with an initial rate of 0.89% variable (YBS Standard Variable Rate -3.85%) until 31/08/2019. Product fee: … Read more

There's no need unless you have very complex borrowing requirements. I have done the last 3 remortgages myself, with a bit of research and access to a mortgage comparison website it's very straight forward.


fees fees fees


Not for a mortgage no. Not difficult to ascertain the best option for that. I do work in finance so I might have a slight advantage over Joe Public to be fair.


Paying £1500 quid every two years to avoid an SVR, seems ludicrous, that's the reason most people I know have base rate trackers and are paying considerable over payments.


2 years this deal is poor

3 year fixed Rate Mortgage 1.64% - 65% LTV fixed until 31/07/18 £845 product fee
Found 9th Jul 2015Found 9th Jul 2015
Undecided whether to go for a 2 year or a 5 year - so decided to look for a 3 year mortgage and this seems like a good deal for those with right LTV. This has a good mix of low int… Read more
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Looks as though you have to be a nationwide current account holder for this deal - thanks for the suggestion though.


great deal!!


Although its not fixed, Nationwide do a 3 year tracker at 1.69% with no fees for 60% LTV - slightly higher than above deal but there are no fees to pay - may suit those with a smaller mortgage?


Thank you


Same here I got a mortgage with them last year and we had one guy deal with the whole process. We didn't have a mortgage department at our local branch but he was in the next town over and was willing to travel to accommodate us if necessary. I thought they did an excellent job! I'm the kind of person that asks ALOT of questions too and he always replied swifty.

2 yr fixed rate mortgage @ 1.29% for 75% LTV @ Yorkshire building society
Found 20th Jun 2015Found 20th Jun 2015
Available to first time buyers, moving home and those looking to remortgage.
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Lmaooo @ square root of car!! Loved it craigsville!! hahahaha I got a 5 year fixed mortgage through YBS at 4.19% with no legal fees, homebuyers survey, £1k cashback which covered my solicitor fees last year. wish I had chosen 3 years fixed now though -_- So far they've not bothered me with anything and it was 90% LTV as some of us are poor :(


[/quote] Yes, this looks better ;) Admittedly your calc brought back all my school math fears. Too many formulas on a page leads to palpitations and wide eyes and when I saw the word 'breakeven' I almost broke into a cold sweat X)[/quote] It really is quite simple Monaco !! :{ You multiply the value of mortgage by the derivative of the house value, subtract the square root of the car in your driveway, and voila! , you save yourself 5p over 24 months of your mortgage :p LOL


Yes, this looks better ;) Admittedly your calc brought back all my school math fears. Too many formulas on a page leads to palpitations and wide eyes and when I saw the word 'breakeven' I almost broke into a cold sweat X)


Coventry Flexx for term products look pretty good if you think rates are going to stay low for while http://www.coventrybuildingsociety.co.uk/mortgages/AccountSummary.aspx?socseqno=1&prodCode=FFM30&Company=1


25 yrs, but I did over estimate the min mortgage value :-( It breaks even about £220K. 20 yrs dosnt make much of a difference to the break even figure, so 25 yrs calcs below £220K / £310K 71% LTV YBS 1.29% £858.32 x 24 + £975 fee + £400 approx legal / valuation fees = £21975 Tesco 1.79 % £910.15 x 24 + £195 fee - no legal / valuation fees = £22039 Accord 1.84% £915.44 x 24 - no fees at all = £21971 £200K / £280K LTV 71% LTV YBS 1.29% £780.29 x 24 + £975 fee + £400 approx legal / valuation fees = £20372 Tesco 1.79 % £827.41 x 24 + £195 fee - no legal / valuation fees = £20053 Accord 1.84% £832.22 x 24 - no fees at all = £19973 £150K/ £200K LTV 75% LTV YBS 1.29% £585.22 x 24 + £975 fee + £400 approx legal / valuation fees = £15625 Tesco 1.79 % £620.56 x 24 + £195 fee - no legal / valuation fees = £15088 Accord 1.84% £624.16 x 24 - no fees at all = £14980 Hope this helps somebody :-) And obviously if you overpaid, it would benefit the higher rate mortgage Also Tesco follow on APR rate is lower than the other 2 , if you ran over the 2 yrs Clubcard points too !!! - Did I tell you I worked for Tesco??? --- Nah , only joking . LOL :-)

2yr Fixed Rate Mortgage - 65% LTV, 1.18% [YBS launches lowest mortgage rate in 150 year] @ Yorkshire Building Society
Found 2nd Mar 2015Found 2nd Mar 2015
YBS launches lowest mortgage rate in 150 years. 2yr Fixed Rate Mortgage - 65% LTV Mortgages that let you rest easy, knowing that your interest rate will remain stable for a fixed … Read more
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Comment Depending on mortgage amount


It looks like they also have 1.29% with £845 fee (and prob £130 application fee) which works out to be cheaper than 1.18%


"you're" ............


look for another deal! unless your useless!


useless...... what happens after 2 years? 5%?

1.64% 2-year fixed rate mortgage (max 65% LTV) with £345 product fee from Yorkshire Building Society
Found 19th Jan 2015Found 19th Jan 2015
Yorkshire Building Society is now offering a 2 year fixed rate mortgage at 1.64% with a £345 product fee, for mortgages between £25,001 and £5,000,000. Maximum 65% LTV.

We switched to Leeds who have been very quick and helpful with any queries. The "Case Manager" for Yorkshire couldn't have been more unhelpful, it was like we were asking for a Kidney any time we asked for an update.




£90 montage fee and £130 application processing fees are they separate?


which one ?


not sure if widespread but terrible service on our mortgage. So bad that we switched to another lender prior to exchange!

Best Bank Accounts
Found 15th Nov 2013Found 15th Nov 2013
See Post 5 for details. This week's special: £47.25 TopCashBack on the Santander 123 Current Account. http://www.topcashback.co.uk/santander/ 16/11: Citibank Plus account added … Read more
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You would be better checking this thread on MoneySavingExpert created by Special_Saver2 ***Quoted below without hyperlinks - click on link above***


I've just realised that the Cap1 classic xtra has the same features as the Aqua card, and a little extra IF you're a new customer. Damn! I might have to give CApital one a ring and see what they can offer me :D


I'm going to keep it for that reason and also that you get cashback on everything, the Luma card only gives cashback on fuel and supermarkets, not dissimilar to the Santander 123 card {3% on fuel and trains, 2% on department stores and 1% in supermarkets} albeit a higher percentage cashback.


I might keep it only for the fact that you get cashback on purchases made in other currencies :)


Received confirmation that I have been accepted for the 4% cashback Luma credit card. Also got a letter from Aqua telling me that the 3% cashback Aqua credit card will finish on 22/01/14, you can switch to another Aqua card but it is only 0.5% cash back.