Ye Old Oak American Style Hot Dogs 400G half price, was £1.29 @ Tesco

Ye Old Oak American Style Hot Dogs 400G half price, was £1.29 @ Tesco



At Tesco until 29 January
ewww mrm chicken yuk

Hotdogs: 81% Chicken (Mechanically Recovered), Potato Starch, Water, Chicken Fat, Salt, Beef Collagen, Smoke Flavouring, Hydrolysed Soya Protein, Stabilisers [E451(i), E412], Dextrose, Coriander, Chicken Collagen, Spices, Preservative [E250], Acidity Regulator [E330
If your going to eat dogs, at least buy descent ones, I saw a woman around bonfire night with 6 tins of these in Asda, think they were 2 for a pound back then, small boy sat in front of trolly " Mummy, mummy we got hot dogs for tea " At the time I thought poor child, forced to eat this junk at such a young age.

Spend more and do descent dogs, we had a pound of Lincolnshire sausage on the BBQ with onions, proper hot dogs and not much more than a couple of quid for 8 but worth eating unlike Ye Old rubbish.
'American Style'.

I'd politely suggest that even the Americans wouldn't touch this gash.

These are really really horrible. Even given away, I would go without.
There made from lips and **** holes
This isn't the only processed meat product to have a less than inspiring ingredient list. Don't suppose that it'll poison the kids (who love these as an occasional lunch). Genuinely good price rather than a bulls**t yo-yo reduction. Heat and thanks OP
wow you let your kids eat that pink slime as pictured above
Well I wouldn't make it a regular part of their diet, Yes, the product looks revolting, but they're not toxic and their nutritional status is no worse than most processed meat products. "100% beef" (or whatever the meat in question) certainly doesn't mean 100% skeletal muscle, so whatever sausages/burgers etc. you eat, they're not going to look good in production.
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