Year One (Theatrical and Extended Cuts) - £2.50 @ POP Vending Machines (IN-CINEMA)
Year One (Theatrical and Extended Cuts) - £2.50 @ POP Vending Machines (IN-CINEMA)

Year One (Theatrical and Extended Cuts) - £2.50 @ POP Vending Machines (IN-CINEMA)

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History was made... by these guys? Zed (Jack Black) and Oh (Michael Cera) are cavemen who stumble out of the mountains into an epic journey of biblical proportions. One's a bumbling hunter, the other's a gentle gatherer; together, they become unlikely participants in history's most pivotal moments. Directed and co-written by comedy legend Harold Ramis (Groundhog Day, Caddyshack, Analyze This), Year One is rude, crude, wildly absurd, deliciously tasteless and laugh-out-loud funny!


Bargain, are these in all cinemas or only selected?

Wouldn't mind this for the price

Heat added

Original Poster

Not sure - I found this in the Vue Reading. I suspect it applies to all.

List of locations: pop247.com/

I think you'd be better off spending the money on popcorn tbh.

Film Brain;7940298

Not sure - I found this in the Vue Reading. I suspect it applies to … Not sure - I found this in the Vue Reading. I suspect it applies to all.List of locations: http://www.pop247.com/

Thanks :thumbsup:

All my local screens have one

Agreed! Worst film I saw in 2009, well partly saw - I left early. It was that bad! Don't waste your money.

Awful rubbish don't waste any precious time watching this

Truly the worst film I saw last year, by quite a margin. But for the fact I had two hours to kill and it was raining outside, I would have left the cinema - It was genuinely THAT bad.

Please, please, please do not pay your hard earned money for this film - I implore you!! :thinking:

i thought the skinny guy was great in this, his expressions and charactistics were well funny....i thought. generally tho not a great film

Watched about 25mins of this wondering when the 'gag' of fake cavemen & diabolical acting would end, and the film begin. Neither happened.

Gob-smackingly abysmal :roll:

Hot deal for the price but this is a really dreadful film. It gets a generous 15% on ]Rotten Tomatoes.

Still not quite as bad as Land of the Lost though.

Just a question, does that mean we vote it hot on price even though it's that bad that if we do watch it, we'll wish we didn't?

I don't know how to vote on this one and the trailer looked good. Damn.

Well in theory we're supposed to be completely objective and vote on the price for the particular item compared with other sellers. Having said that it would be perfectly OK to vote, say, a badly made TV, cold on grounds of quality... the same should apply here.

Sometimes it's just easier to abstain.

I think even the box art would stop me wanting to pick this up. Saw the trailer and TV spots and it looks offensively awful and about as funny as accidentally getting worcestershire sauce in your eye. It's cheaper than elsewhere but I don't think getting it cheaper makes a bad film any better... there's much better DVDs available at similar prices, look elsewhere on the site...

One of the worst films I've ever seen, would recommend staying away from this one

people pan this movie so much. call me sad, but i actually enjoyed it. i dont know about - enjoyed enough to put the dvd in my collection - but i thought it was a good laugh... but thats just me. thank you op for the heads up, i shall think hard before putting it my library though.
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