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Years & Years - Night Call Vinyl LP - £5 (+£3 postage) from Banquet Records

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Another one from the small list of sale items from Banquet Records that's not my thing but a great deal for somebody I am sure.
I have bought from these on numerous occasions and had no issues whatsoever.
Banquet Records More details at Banquet Records
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Credit to @Doineedit , they posted this link banquetrecords.com/sea…ale

worth bookmarking and checking every so often
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    Cracking spot
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    Heat added, it’s not for me but I welcome seeing new additions to the ‘water damaged’ sale lines
    have you bought anything there listed as water damaged? what was the condition like?
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    Nice spot, heat from me
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    BTW I got this a few months back when @craggle1uk posted the original deal.

    worth the £5 (sorry my bad, it's not signed, wrong album, it was the madmess - rebirth)

    BTW I listened to the streaming of the 'water damaged' before decided if I thought they were worth it or not.. I ended up buying about 6 or 7 (doubles of two of them, one set for me and the other for my nephew)

    not voting either way, as I believe this should be part of the deal a week or so ago (edited)
    I never saw that deal otherwise I wouldn't have posted as I wouldnt want to piggy back on someone else's deal ...... I also did a search beforehand and never saw anything.

    I have been checking the sale link (that you have posted on here) daily and this specific deal has only been put on today.
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    LP signed copy £24 none left.
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    the black vinyl edition is £23.99 so is this a picture disc? maybe its the amazon exclusive edition? expect crap sound quality. its £9.07 on amazon. has been cheaper I think. one review said poor pressing "Great album but had to send picture disc back as such a poor quality vinyl pressing..so much background noise spoilt enjoyment of the music. Returned and will buy standard black vinyl".
    It's the blue LP
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    Which vinyl edition is it? There's 3 different vinyl for this album.
    From what I have read in the comments i think it's for the black edition tbh but it's kind of like an £8 lottery until the first person received theirs
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    I ordered 2. I'll post back and say which edition i think it is from the barcode. I'll probably leave the LP sealed so won't be looking at the vinyl.
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    I got one, it's just arrived and it's the blue vinyl
    does the back cover have a barcode sticker over an existing barcode? whats the barcode number? both if there are 2.
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    It's got a barcode sticker on which is 602438380305 ..... That's all I can give you as I leave the shrink on the cover so can't get to the sticker
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    received order today. nicely packed and LPs undamaged.

    OOS now.