Yellow Reinforced PVC Garden Water Hose 30m x 1/2"  £11.29 delivered @ Toolstation

Yellow Reinforced PVC Garden Water Hose 30m x 1/2" £11.29 delivered @ Toolstation

Found 23rd Jun 2010Made hot 23rd Jun 2010
Heavy duty PVC watering hose with high tensile polyester cord reinforcement. 1/2" diameter in accordance with BS 3764.


I bought this two weeks ago and its absolutely fantastic hose, it will not kink at all, the only fault I can find is the end was cut at an angle so I needed to cut it straight to fit a connector to and it was a git to cut, it took two Stanley blades as it blunted the first one, if cutting again I would try a junior hacksaw! This hose is top notch,

Ordered one, cheers.

Nice. Needed a new hose too

great price

payed £23 for a 50m one from screwfix a few weeks back

Excellent. Ordered a couple and a smattering of shiny brass hose connectors to boot.

Excellent, reminded me about my colonic tomorrow..Cheers.

ordered one will make it easier for the wife to water the garden :whistling:

Showing out of stock :-(

Reinforced PVC Water Hose 30m x 1/2"
Expected : 28th Jun
1 £11.29

Nice one. Thanks.

Back in stock :-)


hmmm... is there any point in getting the 3/4" one instead? If so, what brass fittings would i need to get to attach this to a 3/4" tap and the other end to a pressure washer?

Thanks. Just came in from 45 minutes watering with a old hose that kinks a dozen times each session. Just decided to go to the garden centre tomorrow and this pops up. Cheers.

I bought this and it was Very High Quality Hose. Very Much recommended
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